Thursday, June 25, 2009

Question of the Day #232

Yesterday, as I was out walking, I spotted a young guy, parked on a bike, staring up at the house in front of him. As I approached, he said, "Excuse me?"

"Yes?" I replied.

"Do you know if this is Kathy Griffin's house?"

"Yep. It is," I said.

His face bloomed in a huge smile. He giggled, stared back at the house and said, "Oh cool!"

Then he slid off his biking gloves, removed his helmet and settled back into his bicycle seat for what looked like a long wait.

I kept on walking and wondered, what celebrity would you sit on your bike and wait for all day?



  1. There are celebrities I'd wait to get a glimpse of in public, but outside their house? That would feel weird to me.

  2. Wow. That is a really funny story.

    I don't know if I'd sit out in front of anyone's house. I think I'd have to agree with Adrienne and just love to bump into a celebrity.

    The only celebrity in Hollywood that I think is worthy of my crush time is Matt Damon. Other than that I think Hollywood is full of a bunch of over paid self righteous people. I know there are a few who are wonderful and give back to those less fortunate out of the sincerity of their hearts (not just for publicity) but I still think it's an over glorified job.

    I think I'm happy knowing the people I know in my life. They're all fabulous. They're real and they're amazing and don't have to drop $5,000,000 on some ridiculous dress/tux that they'll never use again. (Heaven forbid someone wear the same dress twice!)

  3. Even if I could think of myself sitting outside somebody's house, which I can't right now, it wouldn't be Kathy Griffin!

    Hmm. People I'd like to meet: Mark Salzman, Yo-Yo Ma are two who immediately come to mind.

  4. Here's my thing - I'm not into celebs, I don't get the whole celeb sighting thing (hence it doesn't bother me to live about as far away from LA as you can get staying in the US).

    The only celebs I would (and have) lost it for are celeb chefs. When I met Emeril I shed a tear... wait til the day I meet Mario Battali this August!!!

  5. None. I ate lunch two tables away from Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale while they were filming Batman the Dark Knight in the high rise office building I work for -- I had no slight desire to bother either -- they just wanted to have a lunch break. To bother/stalk a celeb at their home would just be creepy to me. BTW the food was excelent.
    As for a superstar I have met: Richard Peck

  6. Yeah I agree, I LUV KG but to sit outside of her house is really creepy. But maybe if she and I were at the same bar, I'd definitely do a shot with her.

  7. I wouldn't wait outside someone's house or interrupt someone's lunch to meet someone,everyone deserves some sort of privacy. But I have waited around after a concert to meet my fave rock star! (Nikki Sixx)

  8. Total stalker. I'm not big on seeing celebs either. I don't get it.

  9. Okay, I get how bike dude is like a total stalker, but I will admit to having been star struck.


    I made eye contact with Johnny Depp and my knees buckled, my heart pounded and I thought I was going to fall over.

    Just sayin'. ; )

  10. None, I honestly could care less if I see / work with / know a celebrity - its all over hyped bullshit anyway.

  11. Odd this is the question today.

  12. Was the bike guy cute?

    I'm too impatient to wait around for someone all day like that (stalkerish or not), but I'd love to get a glimpse of Bruce Campbell in his native habitat.

  13. Ok, I'm going to get my very best stalker hat on -- not that I own one, but IF I had one, there would be a couple of people I'd be interested in waiting for. I'm also going to have to pretend that I would actually ride a bike somewhere. I'm going to assume I can say something to them, not just get a glimpse.

    Matt Good
    Bif Naked
    David Grohl
    Stephen Harper
    Barack Obama
    Rick Mercer
    Oprah Winfrey

  14. No one actually. Well unless they were giving out free bees then I might.


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