Thursday, June 11, 2009

Question of the Day #218

Wowee! You bloggers certainly have TONS of stuff to be thankful for! Thanks for sharing all those good thoughts. Just reading your comments made me feel fortunate that we all have so much to be thankful for.

So...while we're riding the thankful wave, how about setting some goals? My goal for the next 24 hours is to easily transition all tables enjoying the Yankees vs. Red Sox game and the Lakers Finals to the party of 30 that's coming in afterwards. I'm aiming to close checks quickly, create happy customers, evade chaos and, of course, do it all with a smile.

What is your goal for the next 24 hours?



  1. Oooh...good luck with all that.

    My goal is to finish out the work day without killing a co-worker or two & to tackle Mt. Laundry.

  2. My goal is to finish up cleaning out my classroom, submit grades, and put a wrap on the 2008-2009 school year. Woo hoo for summer!

  3. My goal is to survive just a half day more of work tomorrow, and to complete all of the following chores: 1) order window treatment for bunny room, 2) dry cleaner pickup & drop off, 3) pet store, 4) vacuum bunny room, 5) craft store to buy pretty paper, and 6) print 'games' on pretty paper for sis-in-law's baby shower Saturday. Whew, now I feel much more organized!

  4. Kristen, you have a bunny room? Please elaborate.

  5. 1. pick up kids
    2. bake three sets of treats for my kids' teachers
    3. buy father's day cards
    4. buy week-long fish feeder pellet
    5. see my son's best friend's musical downtown
    6. change every set of sheets in the house
    7. vacuum all carpets in our house
    8. rid downstairs of all clutter after my kids leave for school in the morning.
    9. call neighbors.
    10. do online errands.
    11. pick up grandma.
    12. drop off pets.
    13. give cats their flea medicine.
    14. stealthily get cat carriers out of garage without allowing feline ears to detect my mission.
    15. comb dogs so i'm not considered a neglectful pet owner.
    16. write thank you notes to kids' teachers.
    17. do lots of laundry.
    18. gas up the car.
    19. pay the bills.
    20. finally take a shower.
    21. use lots of eye drops, since i probably won't be getting any sleep tonight. but then again, i can sleep on vacation, right???

  6. My goal is not to make any goals, because I invariably don't meet them.

    So far, I'm doing pretty well. ;)

  7. My goal is bowl three consistent frames tonight and help keep Black Monday in first place in the TNT summer bowling league

    and can i assume from your post that you are working at sonny's?

  8. I got through today's goal. I need to get myself up for tomorrow which leads to a fun weekend! I love the rewards :) playtime with family and a very special K :)

  9. My goal is to get through my dog's training class tonight. That's about it.
    Tomorrow's another day - we have a small weekend getaway planned so it's laundry, snacks, and tossing some stuff in a suitcase! :)

  10. Okay, here it is. I'm setting a goal for myself. I never set goals because, like Carrie, I never meet them. But I'm going to try once again.

    My goal for the next 24 hours is to write one outstanding, inspirational sentence.

    ...Suz, I hope the crowd isn't too unruly tonight since Delcarmen blew our lead. #$%@!

  11. SLEEP!

    Well, maybe not the entire 24 hours, though that sure would be cool if I could. I tossed & turned all night and have been a zombie all day.

  12. I have been really pro-active lately on my to-do list that I am actually catching up. I have a huge project at work and it is ready to go with two days to spare. I am all caught up on my paperwork and I have started cleaning my office. Now I will have time to write a little on my book. At home we will be selling plants tomorrow. They are ready to go as well. I love being caught up.

  13. My goal is to set fewer goals than Carrie. And since the whole concept came up on your blog, Suzanne, you'll have to be the judge.

    You have to decide which of us is the bigger bum.

  14. My goal for the next 24 hours is to blitz my house for more things to put in the neighborhood yard sale tomorrow. We have some things ready, but have oh so much more that should go - if I can only sort through it.

  15. My goal is to watch Sidney Crosby & the Pen's score a ton of goals all on their very own & win the Stanley Cup! - Go Pen's!


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