Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Question of the Day #217

I'm a big believer in prayer. I believe that when I put positive thoughts and energy behind someone, that those positive thoughts and energy actually help that person in some way.

In the same way I believe in prayer, I believe in giving thanks. So before I go to sleep or as I'm waking up or as I'm walking in the hills, I think about all the things I'm thankful for and say "thank you" for them.

This isn't about a god or religion. This about being aware when good things come my way and appreciating them. Because if I don't appreciate the good, I'm pretty sure the bounty will stop flowing.

That said, here's a list of ten things I'm thankful for this morning:

1. The fabulous critique my writing group gave me (and the fabulous group, itself)
2. Pub shifts
3. Long walks
4. Becoming a Fairy Godmother
5. Impending housesitting
6. My mom
7. H
8. My health
9. My agent
10. Hope

What are ten things you're thankful for?



  1. 1. My health
    2. My family & their health
    3. Sudabaki & the girls
    4. S
    5. L.E.O.
    6. Beautiful B & Lucy Love
    7. My apartment & the lovely that inhabits it with me
    8. Beer & the friendly place I go to drink it
    9. 10201 W. Pico Blvd., 4th floor, especially the tall man
    10. Sunny hot days in LA

  2. 1. Definitely my good health.
    2. Definitely my families and friends health.
    3. My three wonderful offspring.
    4. My two wonderful grandkids.
    5. Summer thunderstorms.
    6. My wee bit of artistic talent.
    7. Cool evenings under the stars.
    8. Walks on the beach.
    9. Homeland Security.
    10. Medicare.

  3. * A reminder to pray and give thanks.


  4. My house guests and I put together a joint list:

    1. Our little people
    2. Ice cream
    3. State of Connecticut
    4. Gummy worms
    5. Bud light
    6. Our big people
    7. Our old people
    8. Jack Daniels
    9. Chips & salsa
    10. Sex (that's Stevie's contribution)

    I guess we believe if you are surrounded by good people, good food and alcohol, life is pretty fantastic!

  5. 1. My child
    2. Good health (mine, my family's & my friends')
    3. My amazing family
    4. My amazing family of friends
    5. Love...past, present & future
    6. My house
    7. My job
    8. Vacation
    9. Fireflies
    10. Dinner invitations

  6. 1. My faith
    2. My family
    3. My home
    4. My pets
    5. My friends
    6. My new book
    7. The seasons
    8. Warm sunny days
    9. Rainy mornings
    10. My electric blanket

  7. 1. My health
    2. My career
    3. My BF
    4. My family
    5. My friends
    6. Champers!
    7. Warm weather
    8. Bubble baths
    9. Wine from Chile
    10. Ice Cream

  8. Lovely question today! Interesting because before dinner (happy hour) I went out to the porch and our magnificent view of the greens, with the sun setting and the words on my lips were those of thanksgiving for this magnificent world we are privy to.

  9. Great list, Suzanne! Have a wonderful day :)

    My list would be:
    1. Family
    2. Friends
    3. Our Home
    4. Good Health
    5. My Husband's Career
    6. My Work
    7. The Beauty of Mother Nature
    8. Vacation/Time Off
    9. Faith in life
    10. All other blessings in life

  10. Love your list!

    1. My family
    2. My friends
    3. My new critique partner
    4. My husband's job :)
    5. My laptop
    6. Living near the beach
    7. Summer fruit
    8. So many good books!
    9. Love and other indoor sports
    10. All the other good things I've forgotten to mention

  11. Family, Friends, Fresh fruit, Craigslist, Singing birds in the morning, Coffee, Asprin, Free lunch today, Rain, Happy people.

  12. Great post, Suzanne.

    1-3 My three kids
    4 My husband
    5 Good health
    6 Wonderful memories
    7 long hair
    8 blow dryers
    9 quiet mornings
    10 rain

  13. 1. My health, knock on wood
    2. My husband
    3. My brother & his wife
    4. My awesome job
    5. Traveling & vacation
    6. Wine
    7. Cooking & eating
    8. Beaches
    9. Something to look forward to
    10. Bunnies (especially my boys Jackson & Stewie)

  14. Can I do another one???

    1. The color orange
    2. Decorating your new house
    3. Weekends
    4. Watching things you planted with your bare hands grow
    5. My friends' funny kids
    6. New Zealand Sauv Blanc!
    7. Cheese
    8. Seafood
    9. Sitting on the deck for happy hour, drinking cold wine, and maybe going crazy and smoking a cigarette!
    10. Cars

  15. Okay, now for my solo list:
    1. Love so strong you feel like your chest is going to burst
    2. Intuition
    3. The sound of silence
    4. My slightly crazy side
    5. Clarity
    6. Snuggling up in warm sheets
    7. Feeling healthy & strong
    8. My little ones imagination & logic. Both which make me smile
    9. Adventure
    10. My, now complete, family that keeps me grounded

  16. Yay bloggers! Kristen and LD, I love that you did TWO lists! That's a whole lotta thankfulness!

    And Solvang Sherrie, I cannot believe you quoted "Starring Sall J. Freedman As Herself." I love you even more now! : )


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