Saturday, June 27, 2009

Question of the Day #234

H and I used to work together. We shared an office. We drank way too much Diet Coke, ate a lot of sausage mcmuffins and hung a postcard on the wall that read, "You scream, I scream, we all scream for pork loin." And every day, we checked our horoscopes.

Jonathan Cainer was our man. As fellow taurians, we trusted him to guide us through our daily lives.

I haven't checked out his site in years. But as I tried to drum up a question this morning, "What's your sign?" popped into my head. Which made me think astrology and I'm sure you can see how I got here.

Anyway, here's my forecast for the week ahead:

Challenge an old assumption. Question conventional wisdom. Be a little outspoken. If you get back a really good reason to accept what's being put forward, at least you will have removed the element of doubt. And if not? Then you'll know your suspicions are well founded. People only tend to go on the defensive when they inwardly recognise how vulnerable they are to attack. If you're talking, this week, to someone who is comfortable in their confidence, they'll calmly communicate that. If you stir up a sharp reaction, you won't actually make things worse. The right thing has to happen. Your courage can help make it happen. It's going to be an amazing month.

An amazing month, huh? I'm down with that. I'd like a little amazement.

How do you feel about horoscopes?



  1. Boy! That one was way to complicated!! A little amazement is always welcome but, I like simple ones, like, this is a good month. your love life will be exciting and your bank account will grow.
    I'm not into reacton, suspicion, assumptions and on and on ;) Good grief get to the point is this a good month ahead or not!

  2. Looks like I'll be having an amazing month -- I'm a fellow Taurus.

  3. I don't take them too seriously but I think horoscopes are great fun, and anything that helps us to reflect upon our lives and the world in which we live is good.

    I don't believe that all of humanity can be generalized into 12 groups - so if I read horoscopes, I go to a site that takes into account where you were born, whether you are a daylight savings baby etc. It seems a little more personalized.

    I do find it interesting that the most beloved people in my life are typically of the Taurus and Gemini signs. ...and I hate to admit it, but I do often embody the stubborness, pride, and protectivenss of family of the Leo sign.

  4. I was obsessed with them in high school and college, but now I could care less. I guess they just seem vague enough that you can apply them to yourself if you want to, and now that bugs instead of entertains me. Although I still have a soft spot for birth signs and seeing how different people's charts line up.

  5. I wouldn't mind having an amazing month...

  6. I think it's cool how astrological signs really so seem to dictate (or at least influence) personality traits but I don't read my horoscope. Although, if it's going to tell me I'm going to have an amazing month, I'll take it. Maybe if I believe it enough, it'll come true.

  7. I never followed mine really. This is what he had to say about me though ...

    The top of the mountain is way above the clouds. That means that, when you are right up there looking down, you can't see the rest of the world. It also means that when you are climbing towards that peak, you can't see exactly what you are heading for. Those same clouds are putting a veil over your destination. Nonetheless, you know where you want to be... and you know the best way to get there. Don't allow yourself to feel this week, just because some situation seems frustrating, tiresome or demanding, that it isn't worthwhile. All your efforts now are leading to much more satisfaction than you may think.

  8. I've never been a huge believer of horoscopes. Like Ara they are vague and can be applied to your life if you let it be.

    My auntie, though, oh sheesh. She is a horoscope fiend. She constantly tells me all of my compatible signs and even tells me to never date certain signs and to marry others.

    But she also told me that my face was pretty and my body was fat so I just needed to work on that and I'd be perfect. She's Asian. That's the culture, telling it like it is. It just tends to make me stare into space when being talked to. I've no clue what signs she told me I should avoid as far as dating/marriage. So far I've managed to avoid all of them! Hahaha!

    Oh! And at the end of my incredibly LONG ramble I wanted to add that I actually like reading horoscopes. I have no clue why. Just the possibilities of what could happen everyday make me happy. I tend to read all of them instead of just reading Aries.

    Are you almost to a year of questions now?! Ah! That's fabulous!! Keep it up!!

  9. I've always been a horoscope reader - not necessarily every day (although for a period of my life, thanks to Suz & H, I read Cainer's horoscope everyday too). I find that my personality traits are right in line with what Cancers are described as and my boyfriends have always been either Pices or Scorpio (purely by coincidence). Those are the signs that I'm naturally drawn to and, according to the stars, each is a perfect match with my sign. Now, do I believe in the forecasts I read? I find them entertaining and sometimes in hindsight I'll see a connection to what I read and a current situation I might be in, but I rarely remember them long enough to determine if they're relevant.

  10. I'm Leo and as far as the animal goes, I think I have some traits. But that's just that far I'd go with horoscopes. I don't follow them at all.
    For the Chinese zodiac, my animal is the Tiger! So, I guess i have all the animal instincts!!!


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