Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Question of the Day #237

The sun is shining. June Gloom is officially gone. It's 80 degrees and up from here on out. It's Summer. And people are packing up and heading out on all sorts of vacations.

What about you? Where will you enjoy a summer vacation?



  1. Other than a few short trips, we are doing the new Staycation thing this year. I am going to take a few days off and just sit by the pool with a little Island music playing while sipping on some rum punches. That's my kind of vacation anyway.

  2. I will be online celebrating Vacation. If you have never been there, well, let me tell you, its awesome. I send you a postcard!

  3. We'll do our regular Midwestern short trips to Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota. I can't believe it's almost July already!

  4. We went to family camp at Forest Home (in the San Bernadino mountains) for a week, but other than that, just a couple short trips up to L.A.

  5. We just got home from a short camping trip at a Provincial Park. I think LA's June Gloom headed this way -- nothing but rain lately, and for the upcoming week (ugh).

    We're hosting a Canada Day party tomorra (in the rain)...and the rest of our vacation week will be finishing up house projects and hopefully sleeping in.

    Our remaining vacation days for the year will be spent at Christmas so that hopefully we can see our crazy family members! ;)

  6. I'm on my Asian adventure right now! Been to Hong Kong, in Singapore now, tonight going to Bangkok, then to Phuket. Woot VACATION!!!! :-D

  7. We've been taking short camping trips in Glacier NP lately. It's been gorgeous here lately. But our bigger trip is going to California at the end of the month. It will be my first trip home since 2006.


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