Sunday, March 1, 2009

Question of the Day #116

It is GORGEOUS out today. Readers in colder climates might assume that every day in LA is beautiful, but they're not. And today is one of those blue skied, bird chirping, clear (and that's like 5 out of 365 when it comes to this smogified town) tank top warm, "Oh my god, I'm never leaving So. Cal," days.

When these days come, all I want to do is drive. I love to get in the car, take the top down, blast music and sing my guts out as I wind up Mullholland or coast along the PCH.

Driving is a family thing. My father loves to drive. He'll spend entire days cruising around wine country, snaking through vineyards on windy, tiny roads. When my father was growing up, my grandfather would gather his family on his rare days off and they'd drive through Pennsylvania farm country.

My Granny also craved the road and drove until she was 89. She said it cleared her mind. And her daughter, my Aunt Rosemary, also drives when she needs to ponder something. Often ending up parked at the beach, consulting the ocean for its opinion.

It's a Casamento thing.

What are some family behaviors that you've latched on to?



  1. Family behaviors? Hmmm, driving is one of them, actually. Although it's harder and harder these days with the price of gas. And we don't have a convertible, either. Guess I'll just have to borrow my parents BMW and take off! When spring gets here, anyway. There's still snow on the ground...

  2. I've always loved going for drives too, especially up Highway 1 or through the Solvang area. Springtime in SoCA is the best, not too cold and not too hot.

  3. Not so nuts about Solvang BUT I do love to drive. People from "away" are always asking "how can you drive 45 minutes to your hairdresser? 45 minutes to shop for clothes? 20 minutes to the supermarket?" WELL it helps if you love to drive and there are no cars in the way!!!
    Love those winding mountain passes!

  4. My family likes to drink white russians. It's our family drink. Hey, we're irish catholic, no judging. ; )

  5. Opinions, solicited, unsolicited, doesn't matter, we're the most opinionated family I've ever come across. But we love each other, even when we disagree.

  6. What does Evelyn have against Solvang? I LOVE my little town!

    We actually spent the afternoon in Santa Barbara yesterday because it was such a beautiful day. We walked along the beach, the breakwater and Stearn's Wharf, had ice cream, played in the was a great way to spend the first of March!

  7. We don't have many family traditions. We do all like to go to an isolated lsland that is just off the coast where we live.

    Since my wife works at a winery I do like to sit down there and just talk with people. I really like to talk. Oh and I do drink a little wine too.

  8. I walk through the house with a book in front of my face. And no, I don't run into anything.

  9. Solvang Sherrie! Didn't mean to upset you! When I was in Solvang many years ago I couldn't find a place to eat. I was hungry and had to resort to a convenience store for food!! ugh! I guess my stomach leads my heart.

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  11. No worries, Evelyn! Next time you're in Solvang, let me know...I'll point you to all the good restaurants :^)

  12. Baseball. No doubt. Yankee stadium, Fenway, Dodger St., To follow and play.....


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