Monday, March 16, 2009

Question of the Day #131

Last night I dreamed that a woman came to see me, to let me know that I was going to win the Newbery Medal. She showed me an amazing review she'd written about my novel and told me she was proud to have voted for me. And it felt real.

Let me break this down for all of you who are not writers.

The Newbery Medal is an award "given to the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children."

It's not usually awarded to mainstream contemporary fiction, which is what I write.

So I have always envisioned receiving a Printz Award, an annual award in the U.S. for a book that "exemplifies literary excellence in young adult literature."

I figure that's a little more attainable. I've never even contemplated a Newbery. It's so out of reach. It's like the zillion dollar lottery ticket that's never going to be in your pocket or the seven figure bidding war when all you wanted was a book deal.

I've made major decisions based on attainability. Like when I chose a writing major over a vocal major, because in the long term, I knew I had a better chance of making money at writing than making it as a rockstar. I've gone for certain jobs based on whether or not I knew I could get them. Don't get me wrong, I aim high, but usually within reach.

When have you aimed high and actually hit the stars?



  1. May I make an observation without responding directly to your question? Fine? Thanks.

    I think your dream is a direct link to your two previous questions about laws of attaction, visualizing your goals, etc. And, that you will most likely win your prized Newberry Medal some day in the future.

    No, I'm not psychic, but all the signs are there!
    You're going to be famous one day lady!

  2. Oh Gaston Studio, I think I love you.

    Seriously, your thoughts make sense. Everything is connected and I'm feeling like I'm kind of on a good karma roll.

    It's all happening...

  3. THAT's what I'm talking about Suzanne, everything is connected and it does look like you're on a good karma roll. Sorry to repeat, but, well, I needed to.

  4. Good luck, Suzanne! I guess, for me, getting a book contract was something I aimed and hit for. I feel really blessed for that.

  5. You have pictured it, and it will be!
    Actually, pretty much everything I've set out to accomplish, I have accomplished (not that I tried to be an astronaut or anything :), but I have yet to get a publishing deal, but by golly I'm going to do it!

  6. It's nice to know that you're feeling like on a good karma roll, Suzanne. I truly believe that people with good and strong personality will end up with a good fortune! My parents had taught me that you should always try to aim high, whether you really hit the stars or not. It's the effort which counts and at the end you might be surprised how many goals you actually CAN achieve. However, if any kind of reason still holds you back from the targeted aim, don't give up and keep your spirits high. Evaluate what went wrong and how it could be improved... Be active with body and mind. See a brighter future with all of its opportunities. Remember that you might not succeed in one field, but there are still many alternatives. One of them will definitely work out for you. So what are you waiting for? Reach for the stars :)!

  7. I have a couple of comments that I would like to make.

    First off when I dream as you did of reaching some goal that I would normally consider unattainable, it usually happens. I believe in dreams.

    I have always been afraid of failure so I tend to set my goals low but I do reach them quite regularly. I guess that is a good thing. I know it isn't.

    Sometimes though I get feelings that tell me that something big is about to happen. Sometimes they are good things and sometimes they are bad. One day I was feeling really in tune and I knew that something big was about to happen. I was outside doing some yard work and listening to the radio when one of those national radio contests came on. When I heard it I knew I would win. My wife wasn't feeling well so she was laying down and when I went to go inside, the front door was locked. My son had locked the door. Most people would give up at this point but I had that feeling. So I lightly tapped on the windown and got my son's attention. By now several minutes had passed and I knew I was running out of time so once he unlocked the door I ran to the phone to call the 800 number. It rang right away and before I could question if I had dialed the right number, someone answered. My heart pounded as the person just said hello. I thought about haning up because I expected to hear someone identify themself as the radio station. I didn't though and said hello back. Then the person asked why I called and I said "this may sound crazy because I think I have dialed the wrong number but I was calling to win a contest" Then the person said "congratulations, you are the 100th caller. I almost died but I knew I would win. Sometimes it pays to think positive.


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