Thursday, March 12, 2009

Question of the Day #127

It's no secret that we're all finding ways to cut our spending. I never eat at restaurants anymore. I only buy what's on sale at the supermarket and shopping for clothing is as likely as me winning a zillion dollars tomorrow.

I unplug the washer and dryer when they're not in use. If I'm not reading under my reading lamp it's not plugged in. The TV in my bedroom hasn't been plugged in since last summer. My showers are shorter. I don't drive as much and the idea of going to a movie, play or concert is laughable.

Clearly, I have made changes. But there's one thing I can't give up. And that's eyebrow waxing. I may be broke, but I don't need to look like I'm broke. And overgrown facial hair not only looks bad, it makes me feel bad. And I'm trying my best not to feel bad.

It's $10. (God bless those girls at the hole in the wall salon.) $10 I'm willing to spend to maintain my sanity and my sass.

What's one luxury you just won't part with?



  1. We are budgeting too. My hubby wanted me to color my own hair. Too messy and my hair is way thick. I compromised and found a (cheaper) neighbor who is a stylist do it!

  2. Love Evelyn!
    My gym membership. I'd go a little nutty without it.

  3. Buying books. I tried stopping this over a year ago, but our library just doesn't carry everything I want to read and I read profusely and rapidly. But I gave it a try and wasn't terribly unhappy, just a bit unsatisfied at times.

    Then for my birthday and Christmas, my kids gave me a Kindle and now, I'm buying 'hardbacks' at $10 each instead of $23-30, or much less if the book is already in paperback.

    And, as much as I love my books, I'm not cutting down any more trees. So, I absolutely won't give up my Kindle books and I want nothing but Amazon gift certificates for the rest of my life!

  4. I'm with you. My waxing appointments. Is wine a luxury? ;)

  5. Professional hair color. I've tried doing it myself, and the results weren't pretty. I've also tried doing without--going all natural--and that didn't work out so hot either.

  6. Hmm, let's see... Almost no time for luxury with two little children on your tail. No, I'm just kidding ;)! I think going out for the weekend would be remaining on the list as long as possible. I really hope that it doesn't have to come to this cut and the worldwide economic crisis will vanish for good. It's sad to see a lot of people getting unemployed. That's a though situation!

  7. An occasional Starbucks, but not nearly as often as I used to.

  8. Ok I'm with Ara also. I remember going into work one day with a patchwork head that my co- workers gently asked about. And The thought of wine as a necessity By "the Pro" did lead me to think again.
    BUT Ok! Both!!!
    I am so easily swayed.

  9. Hmmm... this is a great question! I can't give up my good toilet paper - Charmin Ultra Mega. It's weird, I know. I will also splurge on non-essential things for Lucy now & again. It could be a toy that I know she's ready for or a cute pair of pink mary janes or a new bottle of bubbles but no matter what it is, it makes me feel good. I am also having a very difficult time cutting back on Starbucks.

  10. I am only getting my hair professionally colored once every 4 months now. :-( But I can't give up eyebrow waxes (just went yesterday!) and expensive jeans!! Everything else I buy on sale and with a coupon.

  11. I didn't color my hair for almost 2 years & nearly lost my mind. It was very traumatic :) Okay, here's a $$ saver - I make my own laundry detergent for pennies per gallon. It's easy & fun & I never run out of detergent...check it out @

  12. Thankfully my gray hair is not too obvious. I don't have the time or the money to deal with it. I couldn't live without DSL.


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