Friday, March 13, 2009

Question of the Day #128

Last night at the pub, T invited H and I over for American Chopped Suey next week. It's his crazy conconction of noodles, veggies and ground beef in a red sauce. Yummy comfort food. As he described what was in it, I said, "I'll eat anything, as long as there aren't any olives in it."

K looked my way and said, "I don't eat olives either."

"Really, why not?" I asked.

"I just don't like them," she said.

"I ate too many and threw up once," I said. "I also don't like uni because of the texture and I think mangoes taste like body odor."

"I don't like avocado because of the texture," H chimed in.

And right then, like magic, the question of the day was born.

What foods don't you eat and why?



  1. Beets and cooked spinach. I can't stand the taste or texture of either, and probably because my mother made me eat them. Nothing I did to prevent consuming them worked: crying, vomiting, pushing them under uneaten bread or slipping them onto the chair or floor. She just simply wouldn't let me get up from the table until my plate was clean. Horrible experience!

  2. American Chopped Suey - yum! We grew up on that...mmmmm. Any kind of cooked bell peppers - yuck!!

  3. Soy milk, because when I was a kid I drank my hyperallergenic brother's soy milk by mistake and it was so nasty. Now the taste of soy milk has improved, and I occasionally buy it meaning to make the switch - and I can't do it. I end up throwing it out.

  4. Tuna Tetrazzini Lean Cuisine. One word: duck!

  5. BEETS. That's the only thing.

  6. Shrimp and lobster -- anything that looks like an overgrown insect or scorpion should be avoided!

  7. I don't like raw onions (but love onion flavor and onion rings.)
    I so don't like brussel sprouts and asparagus, or olives or beets either.
    I can't even smell saurkraut!

  8. eggs, olives and mushrooms. smell, taste and texture. eeeewwweee.

  9. I like pretty much everything except eggplant. They're beautiful to look at, but way too slimy when cooked.

  10. No offense, I wouldn't eat still moving animals! You can see the weirdest things can be eaten on TV. But, I wouldn't stand them moving in my mouth. Yaiks, just thinking about it makes me shudder. Hiii...

  11. marshmallows - because they're gross
    cilantro - because it makes me think of feet
    uncooked celery - it tastes bad and is bad crunchy
    okra - much slimier than eggplant
    egg whites in any form - activates my gag reflex and like Gaston I was forced as a kid. I would pray to puke and end the torture
    raw onion - though I agree with Kelly, I love onion flavor and sauteed onions are awesome
    cottage cheese - looks like spider eggs
    I try to eat oatmeal on occasion but can never get through it. Eating oatmeal is like vomiting in reverse.

  12. Oh my god. Sudabaki. Spider eggs? Vomiting in reverse???


  13. I won't eat this Japanese custard dish that has live worms at the bottom. Many years ago, I was served that in an expensive Tokyo restaurant. My poor Dad had to eat mine and my mother's as it was considered rude to leave it untouched.

  14. I hope you're not regretting that I remembered how to log in.

  15. Olives. gross. The black ones are tolerable. The greek ones a little worse, but the green ones are completely inedible. Bleh!

    Oh my gosh, I just saw Gutsy's worm thing. Okay. now I have a little perspective. Yikes! That is something I would have a hard time eating.

  16. Oh my. I hadn't anticipated talk of eating things that are still alive. I think it's safe to say that none of want to do THAT!

  17. Beets, squash, sweet potatoes, okra (yes! slimy!), lima beans, and liver. Blech.


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