Sunday, March 29, 2009

Question of the Day #144

The party went well. Hence the late afternoon post.

Since the birthday girls invited their friends, I got to meet a whole bunch of personal trainers, film and TV people and some women who looked like supermodels. It was kind of cool to look up from the grill at the mass of people on my deck and wonder who the heck they were.

We gobbled meatballs, lasagna rolls, chicken skewers and all sorts of tasty treats, popped champagne, sang "Happy Birthday," while the birthday duo blew out candles on a cake topped with icing scanned in from a picture of them and enjoyed an inpromptu 2:00 AM acoustic guitar jam session.

Last night should satisfy my party craving for a bit. Have you gone to a good party lately? If so, what made it special?



  1. Well Suzanne, your mother and I are sitting right next to each other having our own PARTY
    and we are having road kill :) and WINE!

  2. The BF and I had a Battlestar Galactic series finale party. We all dressed up, ate a lot and drank a lot - that's what made it fun!

  3. Ah, I miss the 2am impromptu drink/music/conversation. Parenthood robbed me of my love of the late night!

    Sounds like a great party!

  4. I will have to write about some of the parties I have had and been to. I am sure you would find some of them amusing. Let's see a favorite one. Ok at a neighbors house, big cookout, way too much beer for everyone. Here is a rule to follow; Don't invite two different circles of friends. That was the case at this party. One little guy is really polluted and on a dare pats this big guy(about 350 lbs) on the butt. The big guy says don't do that again. So the little guy takes another dare and does it again. The big guy spins around hits the little guy with the back of his hand and the little guy gets thrown into the air like a ragdoll and lands on the ground unconsious. Party over.

  5. We went to a dinner party recently where the hosts were so into cooking, every dish was introduced with an mini lecture on the ingredients and cooking method. That was a new one for me.

  6. You haven't lost your touch at all.....You probably never will.

  7. The only parties I attend lately are birthday parties. It's always special to see children enthusiasm or their funny faces. Quite entertaining, you should try them ;).


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