Monday, March 30, 2009

Question of the Day #145

My mother's friend's son is visiting LA and today I am taking him on my standard Hollywood Tour.

Who were your last visitors and how did you entertain them?



  1. We don't have many people visit, but when we do, food is always on the list.

    If I make it to LA, I'd like your tour. :)

  2. Lady Glamis, I will happily take you on the Hollywood Tour when you come to LA. : )

  3. Believe it or not CT is not a huge vacation destination. ; )
    When someone does visit we hit the beach or our favorite beach bar, shop Main Street in Westport and/or Greenwich, and usually head into NYC.
    Have fun today!

  4. Like Lisa, my little city is not a normal holiday destination but... one of my bgf's was here about two months ago and we went to several flea markets in the area, something we both love to do. She found a great vintage end table at one, and I 'fixed it up' for her before left to go back home.
    We drank wine, ate a lot, swapped stories, and that was about it but we had fun. Too cold for the beach.

  5. No one comes to my city, except family. We went to the bay area and enjoyed all the sites....No where to park though.

  6. Well, I bring them to the beach and to visit the mansions, maybe on a sailboat. And I used to make sure to bring them to the best bar in Newport, but sadly, Fifth Element closed last Saturday!!! :(

  7. I have to agree to Lady Glamis, food is always on the list while other activities are optional :).

  8. We don't get many visitors where we live. Not that there is anything wrong with that. When someone does happen to wander (by mistake) out where we live, they usually start out by saying "wow you do live in the sticks". I like to come back with "you aint from around here is ya" and my favorite Deliverance lines "what you talking bout a still" or "you got a real pretty......." LOL

    I like to show people around the island or take them out in my boat. The winery is always popular.

  9. The last visitors we had were my ILs who came up from CA to visit us. We took them to Glacier NP, which is less than an hour from here.


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