Saturday, March 14, 2009

Question of the Day #129

When I lived with all those girls in Hollywood, the oven in the north house started spitting fireballs. To check on something roasting, we'd stretch our arms out as far as we could, flip the oven door open and duck out of the way of flames. It was like backdraft. In our oven.

So Stacie, who had always dreamed of being on The Price is Right, decided that she was going to get on the show and win a range.

She talked about it every day for weeks. "You just wait and see, Suzanne! I'm gonna win a range!" She'd call home and talk to family and friends. "I'm gonna be on The Price is Right and I'm gonna win a range!"

She announced it. Repeated it. Went on and on and on about it.

We thought she was nuts.

At the time, Margie was scheduled to visit and our buddy Matthew agreed to join us, because why not? He'd be up at 4:00 AM anyway. So, in the dark, on a stifling summer morning, we crept out of the house and joined the masses in line to be on The Price is Right.

We waited and waited and waited while Stacie told everyone in line that she was going to win a range. She told the interviewers, the people from Germany (who didn't speak English) and the group of old ladies in matching sweatshirts from Florida.

As we sat in line forever, I complained about being tired, hungry and hot.

She kept repeating, "You just wait and see Suzanne! This is all going to be worth it! I'm gonna win a range!"

We finally got into the theatre. The music played and the crowd cheered and suddenly the announcer said, "Stacie Schifino is the next contestant on The Price is Right! COME ON DOWN!!!"

The four of us jumped all over each other. Stacie ducked out of our huddle, ran down the aisle and put her bid in on a tennis bracelet. Ding! Ding! Ding! She won it! She barreled up on stage, leapt on Bob Barker and nearly knocked the poor man down.

After he got his bearings, he said, "Stacie, today you're going to play The Clock Game. Do you know how to play The Clock Game?"

She squealed, "YES!"

"Good," Bob said. "Because YOU have a chance to win this BRAND NEW RANGE!"

And the showcase doors slid back and revealed a brand new range.

Stacie screamed, pointed one hand at me, the other at the range and yelled, "Suzanne! A range! I'm gonna win a range!"

Matthew, Margie and I stared at each other. Jaws dropped.

And she won it.

The thing is that it was 1995. Way before The Secret, and all this hooha about The Law of Attraction. But now that I think about it, 14 years later. Stacie envisioned herself on The Price is Right, winning the range we needed. She believed it. Professed it. Chanted it.

And it happened.

This is a great example of how telling yourself that you're going to do something and envisioning it makes it happen. So I wonder, when have you had success using the Law of Attraction?



  1. I love the 'power of The Secret' and going forward I am going to use Stacie's example to prove the point - hope you don't mind me stealing your story. Nice work, Stacie!

    My friends and I often use the 'power of The Secret' for good weather, no traffic, a short line at the bar, etc. We use it all the time. If anyone in our crew every says anything negative or they are dreading something, all it takes is one of us to say 'the power of The Secret' and all is well...

    I'll think of you and Stacie next time we say it. :-)

  2. This is a great story! Good kick to keep up with the believing. Thanks!

  3. I love The Secret & try to live it. I have the book on CD and have listened to it in it's entirety at least 4 times. Every now & then when I feel in need of a pep talk, I'll pop one of the CDs in for a little boost. It has taken me a while to stop worrying about everything but I have and that has made such a huge impact on my life. I am more content & in control of my life than I have ever been and I know that's because I truly BELIEVE that everything is ok and everything is going to be ok.

  4. But did she win the range because her belief was realized due to a cosmic law, or because she inspired other people to help her? If the former is the case, she would have won the range even had she kept her mouth shut.

    I never watched the show, but didn't they give away CARS? Maybe she should go back someday.

  5. What a GREAT story!
    I really do think positive thinking helps. Why waste too much of your energy on negative stuff? It makes sense!
    I really really envision myself with a published book....and it WILL happen!

  6. A truly great story and one that had me laughing. You remember I'm older than dirt, right? Well, long before The Secret and Laws of Attraction, I basically lived my life that way.

    I once told an older colleague of mine when she asked how I could accompolish so much all the time, "Hey, nobody told me I couldn't do (whatever), so I just do it!"

    Now, none of these 'accomplishments' made headlines but they were important to me (and usually my work) at the time and that's all that really counts.

    I truly believe that you can direct the outcome of something if you really work at it.

    Great story; great question.

  7. My Recycling Guy swears the law of attraction is always at work. He finds so much he and his family needs along his route.

    And I know a Buddhist monk who believes our world is an organism whose first interest is its own health, so it's only right and natural that we should find what we need.

  8. What a great story! I love when positive thinking pays off.

    My husband says I'm lucky. I say I just try to find the positive in every situation. I follow my intuition and work hard.

    So here are my thoughts: I am going to sign a contract with a major house this year and publish the first of many popular MG novels. I do believe it. It's going to happen. I'll keep you posted :^)

  9. Oh, and here's one of my favorite quotes. It's from Thomas Jefferson:

    "I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."

  10. I got more and more excited through the whole story :)! I haven't read the Secret yet, but I believe that positive thoughts influence someone's course of life. After all, it is easier to think and focus in a high spirited state than with a tangled mind.

  11. I certainly hope to get published one day because I'm envisioning it so much. :)

  12. I'm so glad Stacie inspired everyone! You all have such great things to say about today's question. I love it! I think we all agree that we can accomplish anything if we work hard and focus.

    Sherrie, I love that quote about having more luck the harder you work. So true.

    I also think it's important to remember that what you focus on expands. So if you focus on good things, good things will come to you. Unfortunately, it works the other way too.

    Thank you all for such great insights!

  13. This is all quite inspirational! My mind has been cluttered and tired for some time now. Time to get focused!


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