Saturday, March 7, 2009

Question of the Day #122

My friend, GB, has been dating a girl who, up until three weeks ago, lived in Sydney, Australia. For the last couple years they've been having a very long distance relationship. Then she decided to move to LA.

Now that's love.

What's the biggest thing you've ever done for love?



  1. I have a friend who moved to Australia for love.

    Biggest thing I've done? Got married. Spend my life and energy on my husband and family every day. :)

  2. Move in with my mother for a couple of months to be closer to my, now husband.

  3. Well said, Lady Gladis :). That would be my answer, too.

  4. I guess getting married and having 4 children would be the biggest thing for me. I've given up on having much of a social life or career because I chose to homeschool my kids too. Great question!

  5. Definitely getting married. It's a slightly boring answer, but it was, is, and will always be the grandest gesture I ever made to show my love, respect, and loyalty for another human being. least until I decide to have another human being's offspring. :)

  6. I moved from Kansas, USA, to New Zealand!


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