Friday, February 6, 2009

Question of the Day #94

I've decided it's not the same question if you use different celebs. Therefore, it's time for another round of Marry, Fling, Kill.

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Need a refresher? Here's how you play. You have to choose one of the following people to marry, have a fling with or kill. For example, of Harrison Ford, Adrien Grenier and Kobe Bryant, I would kill Kobe Bryant, have a fling (or 20) with Adrien Grenier and marry Harrison Ford.

Get it? So, I'll offer up a set of women and set of men depending on which gender interests you:

1. Pink
2. Serena Williams
3. Penelope Cruz


1. Tom Cruise
2. Denis Leary
3. Kanye West

Who would you marry, have a fling with or kill?




  1. Better options than the last one, but a little tougher to categorize. That said, I would Marry Serena Williams and enjoy traveling the world watching her dominate her weaker tennis opponents while living off her many riches. I would Kill Pink. No real reason why, other then I would definitely have a Fling (or 20 as you so eloquently put it in your example) with Penelope Cruz. Okay, I guess that wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Done!

  2. I would marry Dennis Leary. He is from back east so I could probably have a home in Mass and California. I would have a fling with Kanye West. I like his music. It makes me dance with my wrists up. I would kill, kill, kill Tom Cruise. He is one of the most annoying celebrities out there. I hate everything about him; his teeth, his hair, his nose and that laugh. Yuck.

  3. Oh Stevie, kill Pink? I love Pink.
    I agree 100% with Lauren. Marry Dennis, fling with Kanye (how funny would it be to have a fling with Kayne, in Kayne's pimped out world?!) and Tom is dead. 10 x's over dead.

  4. easy...
    marry Denis Leary
    fling with Kanye West
    kill Tom Cruise

  5. Okay, I have to jump in here. I'm well aware of how annoying Tom Cruise is. I get it. And Denis Leary is such the no-brainer to marry, for me, personally.

    But I don't think I could have a fling with Kanye. Don't you ladies worry that he'd be like, "Did you see what I just did? I should get an AWARD for that!" the whole time?

  6. Ugh, could you have used any worse female options? I think I'd have an easier time with 25 grit sandpaper, a cheesegrater and Rosie O'Donnell. Anyway... Kill: Pink ~ Fling: Serena ~ Marry: Penelope.

  7. Oh N8dog, I'm sorry. Next time I'll try and come up with better female choices. Perhaps I'll consult you first. ; )

  8. Ugh, can I have you example instead? I'd want to kill Kanye and Tom Cruise. Can I have a fling with Denis Leary that culminates in marriage please?

  9. OK, he's on the wrong list, but I'd have to kill Tom Cruise anyway.

    As for the others - I don't know Pink, so I'm not sure where to put her.

    Penelope Cruz? Um, yeah, fling, marry, anything. But don't tell my wife. ;-)

    Serena Williams, hmmmm, lots of muscle, hmmmm. Just not my type, ya know. Not that I object to muscle, some muscle, a little bit of muscle.

    I guess I'd just go off with Penelope and leave the rest to kill each other.


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