Monday, February 9, 2009

Question of the Day #96

Let's take yesterday's question and spin it. Instead of something you never could have predicted, what's something about your life that you totally could have predicted?

I could have predicted I'd be a writer. I figured that out when I was 18. I had a college interview and really didn't have any idea what college was about or who I was supposed to be or what I wanted to do - except become a rockstar.

During the interview, I muttered one word answers. Gave blank stares. Prayed for it to end. I was shaking, so I death gripped the arms of the chair I sat in as the interviewer said, "So what would you like to major in?"

I was like "huh?" In high school, my only interests had been singing, parties and boys. It wasn't like I could major in one of them.

So I sat there, wide eyed. The interviewer said, "We really enjoyed your essay. It was very well written."

Miraculously, I put together a whole sentence and said, "Well, that's great, because I think I'd like to become a writer."

I figured I had a better shot at writing success than becoming a rock star. So they taught me to write and from there on out, I knew that was what I was going to do.

And you? What could you have predicted about your life?



  1. That I'd be a mother of boys. It just made sense, and guess what? It happened.

  2. I knew I'd be a teacher and love being a mom. I just love kids!

  3. That I would have lots of fun.

  4. I could have predicted everything (which is why I didn't post yesterday, because there haven't been any surprises UNfortunately). I went to college, graduated, got a job, moved to Hoboken, went to grad school, got married, moved to the burbs... and I'm still partying like I always knew I would! So I've lived out my plan. Would I change anything? Yup, a million things, if only I'd have planned them...

  5. I'm the opposite of Kristen. I had no idea what would happen and it's all been a very pleasant surprise.

  6. It's been a wild ride for me. I probably should have answered yesterday. Well, I did know I would still be friends with my high school girls. Hmm...and probably still drinking BL.

  7. Since I didn't think much about my future when I was younger, the only thing I can come up with is that I'm alive at my age. I'm a very careful and cautious person - so it makes sense.

  8. That I'd be wildly crazy about my kids.

  9. Ha. My guidance counselor actually tried steering me down the wrong path! Anyway...when I was about 6, my Mom could leave me alone for hours (even days) with a big box of Legos. Pretty obvious at that point that I was going to be a builder.

  10. That it would be very, very interesting.

  11. I never predicted that I would be living out in the country.

    I thought I would be living in South America, dancing the merengue all day.

    I thought I would become a writer, too, that much I predicted correctly. Although on the way there, I thought I'd be a corporate lawyer.


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