Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Question of the Day #112

Last night, H and my friend Rob came over for dinner. We tried not to focus on what a tough time everyone's having lately and instead talked about what we should be doing to maintain sweet denial.

And Rob said, "Sooze, you gotta get the fun wherever you can."

So true. For me, getting the fun wherever I can includes nights like last night. When good friends come over and I cook a huge pot of short ribs and serve them up with mashed potatoes and red wine and we laugh until our faces hurt.

How are you "getting the fun"?



  1. What a nice change of pace - to focus on the positive and the fun. Good call Suzie. I've been having fun skiing as much as I can (with discount life tix of course), having friends over for cheap casseroles and cheap wine, taking advantage of "recession sales" and coupons at restaurants... ya can't wait for the fun to find you, you gotta make the fun. And being with friends & wine is what it's all about. :-)

  2. Discount LIFT tix, not life tix.

  3. I've finally learned how to take full advantage of the library's hold-reserve system. Gotta love free entertainment!

  4. Spending time with Lucy brings me so much joy & keeps me sane. And, I joined the Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association with my sister so that should be fun too!

  5. Giggling with my kids over super silly things. And rocking out a concert Friday night!

  6. I, like Kelly like to do silly things that I usually wouldn't even consider. I also work in my garden which always picks me up. Did I mention that I take a bottle of wine with me into the greenhouse? :) That always helps.

  7. I just got in from Vegas last night. I'm all fun'd out for now.


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