Saturday, February 21, 2009

Question of the Day #108

So last night, B, of B's Wild Ride, tells me that a couple nights ago, he misdialed a number on his cell. About an hour later, someone texted him:

"Who's this?"

He texts his name and writes, "Who's this?"

She gives him her name and a whole crazy thread of texts begin. "How old are you?" "Do you live on the westside?" "What do you do?" Then the next night they began again, "How's your night going so far?"

Now I understand that we live in a technological age. I get it. If I want to contact someone I could call him, email him, text him, Facebook him - whatever. The opportunities are endless. But texting with a stranger?

So I ask B, "Don't you think that's a little weird? Like what if you meet this girl and she's nuts?"

And he replies, "My friend met a girl by misdialing and now they're married."

I can't refute that. It could be true. People meet in crazy ways. My girlfriend and I once crashed a bachelor party in Vegas and one of the attendees and I dated for six months after that. (Surprise - not everything stays in Vegas!)

So what's the strangest way you've ever met a significant other?




  1. I always met significant others at bars, including my husband who I met at a work happy hour. But the 'strangest' was a guy I met in Cancun and dated for a year & a half afterwards. Hmmmm, I wonder what he's doing these days...

  2. The most recent is I started a lesbian vegetarian dining group. Started dating one woman prior to the first dinner. Then my wife-to-be walked in the restaurant at the first dinner and I was hooked.

    Strangest? Maybe when I was listed in an online dating service. My niece had just been killed and I couldn't sleep so I was prowling through the online profiles just to kill time. I got a message from someone who read my profile. I didn't have it in me to respond to her questions, so I told her a little of where I was emotionally and wished her luck. She offered to be my grief buddy and we e-mailed for about a month before it escalated beyond that to dating.

  3. I met Rexroth when we were both playing an online video game, and started reading what each other was writing on the forums for our supergroups.

    And yes, to people I don't know very well, I just say we met online!

  4. Damn, I'm so boring. All I ever did was ditch tennis class.

  5. It would have been when I was 16. I had to switch to a different driver's ed class in order to accomodate a basketball game one night. The next day, a good friend of mine said a guy in the class wanted to meet me. I agreed and we went on a blind date, and ended up dating for several months.


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