Monday, February 16, 2009

Question of the Day #103

Yesterday H and I got kidnapped by this crazy guy, B. Okay, maybe it wasn't a kidnapping. It was more like, "Wanna go get drinks at the beach?" Doesn't take much to coerce us.

So we did just that. But then we had to head back to meet Stacie to go see, "He's Just Not That Into You." That took some coercing.

We're on the freeway, when B looks down at his dashboard and says, "Oh my god. I think I'm gonna run out of gas."

This immediately sends me into giggle fits. I mean really? Who actually runs out of gas?

He glares at me and exits. The truck sputters at the red light. He shifts into neutral. I howl.

From the backseat, H says, "Don't worry. If we run out of gas, we can push!"

I immediately picture B at the wheel and H and I pushing his truck. That's right, get the women to do the dirty work. I laugh even more.

The light turns green. B slams on the accelerator. The truck bucks, finds a fume or two and we tear around a corner, wheels screeching. I clutch the door handle. H screams.

The gas station is in sight.

I yell, "Go! Go! Go!'

The guy in front of us slows to turn in. The truck sputters. B slams on his horn. All three of us wail, "MOVE!!!"

We finally lurch up to the pump.

B yells, "It's out of order!"

H and I can't talk we're laughing so hard. The car in front of us moves. B inches up. The truck dies.

Other people stare at our mobile laugh factory. They rush to get in their cars and drive away from us.

Finally, B looks at me, all twisted up in the front seat and says, "Do you really think it's that funny?"

I choke out, "It's the funniest thing that's ever happened to me."

He says, "Your life must be really boring."

"Oh, it is, I'm a total loser," I say.

And then we all explode in laughter together.

So seriously, do people really run out of gas? Has that ever happened to you???



  1. That's really funny. I don't think I've ever ran out completely, but I've come close.

    You never did say -- did you make it to the movie?

  2. Yes, unfortunately, we did make it to the movie. Which at this point, I really didn't need to see.

    Right about now, I'm blindingly aware of who is and isn't into me. ; )

  3. Ironically, this very thing happened to ME last week! My husband had borrowed my car while I was sick with the flu. It was already low, but when I finally got better and headed to work on it, the gas light comes on--at a point where the closest gas station is almost 15 miles away (I live very far out in the country). I made...barely. I yelled at him for ages. His excuse? "Well, usually you tell me when your car needs gas!" ARGH!!! :)

  4. Uh...B??!! Who's this B? There's really only ONE B. Don't let the imposters fool you. And, yes - I've run out of gas...on La Tierja near Stocker. It was ugly.

  5. Way back when I mooched off H all the time. I was driving her car somewhere by myself. I don't remember the details very well but I want to say she told me there was enough gas in it. I'm probably inventing that memory to blame her. I was somewhere around Beverly and Fairfax on a side street. I stopped at a stop sign and that was it. I had to push and steer the car out of the intersection by myself. There were two women nearby. Not only did they not offer to help, they didn't even acknowledge me or my predicament.

  6. Yes, I have run out of gas before. Well, my parents did when I was about 8. We were stuck in the middle of nowhere, and all I remember is spending the afternoon with a really nice family who gave us lemonade while they helped my parents get some gas. I'm wondering how they managed to run out??? Still a mystery. :)

  7. No, I've never run out of gas, thank god, but it is a fear of mine. Thanks to my dad's constant reminders I rarely let the tank go below 1/4.

    I have been with my sister and her twins on the highway when she ran out of gas. A bit scary with 2 year olds. My brother and AAA came to our rescue. To her defense, her gas gauge was broken. She promptly got that fixed!

  8. I have never run out because when I see that little light come on I begin to freak out. Last night it came on and I sweated all the way to the gas station.

  9. I've run out of gas in a huge SUV rental at the Wilshire exit on the 405. I had no idea what to do. I couldn't get out and walk off the freeway to get gas. I didn't have AAA. Luckily, the dismal LA freeway system does have a bright spot, Cal Trans Freeway Service Patrol. They spotted me, gave me a gallon of gas, free, and I was saved.

  10. I ran out of gas in my Mustang when I lived in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was summer. It was hot. And I needed to pee. I was not a happy camper. Fortunately AAA rescued me, but unfortunately, they couldn't just put a little gas in the tank and send me on my way. They had to put my car on the back of a tow truck and take it to the Ford dealer. I don't even remember why. I guess Mustang's are temperamental. Let's just say I'll never let THAT happen again!


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