Friday, February 13, 2009

Question of the Day #100

Let me just take a moment and say, "thank you" to all you fabulous bloggers who have been playing questions for 100 days. You rock.

So, last night I had this dream that I was down the Jersey Shore partying with some high school friends and I had to get into the city for a meeting. As I packed up my stuff, the contents of my bag spilled everywhere. Girlie stuff all over the party-place.

I scrambled to gather it up, which took an amazing amount of effort. My chapstick rolled underneath Rock's chair. Where were my pajamas? Why were Dally's boots suddenly in my bag? Stuff like that.

After I sorted it all out, I reminded Joanna that there were more votive candles in the laundry room over the washer and dryer and walked out the door. (No idea whose house we were at.) My Jeep (don't own a Jeep-but whatever) was parked across a street. To get there, I had to scramble down a very steep hill, more like a cliff, which I somehow did with ease. I tip-toed past some scary dudes wearing voodoo like face paint and crossed the street. Once I got there, the Jeep was suddenly on the other side of a lake and I had no way of getting to it because alligators inhabited those waters.

At that point I rolled over. That's right. Enough of that dream.

Anyway, a lot of my dreams revolve about me getting close to a goal and then something else blocks my path. It's a pattern. It's been going on for years. It's annoying. And I'd like it to stop.

What do you dream about?



  1. Your dreams sound a lot more interesting than mine! I still get this dream where it's close to finals time, and I suddenly remember there's a class I've completely forgotten to attend all quarter. (And I haven't been to school in a long time)

  2. Wow! I've had the exact same dream Adrienne mentioned above, several times. Must be a stress thing. Most of my dreams are pretty random, though. The ones that bug me (and stand out), however, are when an ex I haven't thought of in I-don't-know-how-long pops into some bizarro storyline, and we're a couple, but not really, because I'm still aware I'm dreaming and therefore still married to someone else. I give up on trying to make sense or discern any meaning from any of it!

  3. Many of my dreams make no sense to me at all. I do have the ones like you described where I am trying to get somewhere and can't seem to make it. The ones that really mess me up are the ones where I have relationships with people that are opposite from what they are in real life. For instance, I might be best friends with someone that I can't stand or even worse, I am dating some woman that I really despise.

  4. Oh this is strange. Ara said something similar.

  5. I dream about my characters in my novels. About my two year old little girl. About my husband. And about being a pirate. Go figure. :)

  6. BEARS!

    We have bears at our house and they have come up on the deck before, literally inches away from me. My dreams always include bears outside while I'm scrambling to get a door locked, and of course, it's broken and won't shut right.

  7. I totally have the final exam dream. A lot. I also have the something is attacking me and I'm trying to get away dream too. But last night I had a dream my husband bought me a diamond ring. It had 3 rows of diamonds. 1 row was red, 1 was pink and 1 was normal. ?

  8. I used to have a recurring dream with my high school counselor in it...he'd say I didn't have enough credits to graduate...anyway, I ran into the counselor at a wedding a few years ago and told him about the dream...I haven't had it since!

  9. I have two recurring:
    1) Is a tornado bearing down on me - this one I know results from the feeling that my life is spiraling out of control.
    2) All the people and places of my life come together in one dream, and I have to figure out where I'm supposed to be (or want to be) and who is supposed to be in my life. When I'm going from one place to another, there is always this weird shortcut through Algonquin Park. - this one I'm afraid to interpret.


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