Sunday, February 22, 2009

Question of the Day #109

Last night, my dad flew into LA and around 11:00 PM we found ourselves at In and Out Burger gobbling delicious double doubles and fries. We love cheeseburgers and are forever in search of the perfect specimin. We've scoured LA, San Francisco and New York and have rated all sorts of burgers from Houston's to The Counter, to Father's Office and straight to Fatburger.

In and Out is not our absolute favorite, but at 11:00 PM on a random Saturday, it was pretty yummy.

What foods do you search far and wide for?



  1. Our honeymoon in SF was more like a vegetarian journey through the Bay Area.

  2. I have to drive miles and miles for Ethiopian food. I try to make sure to eat my own weight in Dunkin' Donuts when I'm in Boston. mmmmm. donuts.

  3. Taco Bell. Or Del Taco will do on the west coast.

  4. I miss a few places from CA that we don't have here in MT, especially a fish place on the harbor in Oxnard called Andria's. They had the best deep fried halibut. I also miss Trader Joes, since we don't have those here either.

  5. I love Mexican and and anything with Chorro sausage in it tops the list.

  6. It's not the same as restaurant fare, but I will search far and wide for the best fresh strawberries. Like, if a friend serves a bowl of delicious strawberries and she says she got them from some guy with a red truck on the side of the road, up in Vista, I'm like, "What street? What time was he there? Is he there every day?"


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