Sunday, February 8, 2009

Question of the Day #95

When I was 16 years old, I had a mad crush on Jimmy B. I mean stuttering in his presence, unable to eat, stomach flipping, almost puking - kind of crush.

I imagined being his girlfriend. I fantasized about marrying him. I pictured little me and Jimmy B's. But I never pictured attending his 40th birthday party 3,000 miles away from Jersey.

Isn't funny how things change over 20 years?

Now I babble freely in his presence, down tacos with him (on a very stable stomach) and ask for advice about guys I could consider marrying. My mad crush at 16 is my buddy. And if, at that age, you'd asked me how life would turn out, I never would have predicted that one day we'd end up in Southern California toasting 40 on a Saturday night.

What's something you never would have predicted about your life?



  1. I never would or could have predicted where I live now. NEVER! EVER! Those people that want to know their future, have got it all wrong. The beauty of life is it's twists and turns that lead you on your OWN path.
    And that's all I have to say about that :)

  2. Pretty much all of it! I never fantasized about my future when I was younger -- I was just happy to get through each day back then. Life has therefore been full of wonderful, and some not so wonderful surprizes.

  3. I would have never predicted I would be writing stories for children and/or contracted. Being a published author is a new dream for me. It's not something I thought about when I was younger.

    Funny about your friend and how comfortable you are with him now. That's kind of cool.

  4. I never ever imagined I would have the stereotypical family. Great husband, middle class, 2.5 kids, own a home, etc. If you would have asked me then I would have said I hoped to meet someone who wasn't a total jerk and not to live in a trailer park.

  5. I would never have predicted that I would know more about tech than any man in my life. Cool, huh?

  6. I would never have predicted that I would marry an American who'd never traveled before we met, who agreed to live on an island in Belize, with our 3 sons. Love your question.

  7. I always thought it was absolutely nuts that my dad decided what he wanted to do as a profession in 8th grade, and then that's what he turned out to be (a commercial airline pilot). Crazy to have that kind of follow-through at that age, you know? But guess what I decided I wanted to do in 8th grade? Write YA. Totally serious. I remember thinking, This section isn't big enough! I'm gonna write some of these (the juicy kind my parents don't know I'm reading--not the boring/snoring kind) to make it bigger. Never thought it'd actually happen as I went through high school, college, and my twenties, though.


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