Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Question of the Day #105

Lately, I've heard a lot of people say, "I'll take any job. It doesn't matter what it is." Which got me thinking about the weird jobs I've had in the past. I've:

1. Shampooed heads
2. Delivered flowers
3. Slung pizzas
4. Made sandwiches in a deli (Mmm...delicious Jersey subs)
5. Sold bonsai trees
6. Been a production assistant
7. Assisted an idiot
8. Written freelance articles for teen magazines
9. Written training materials for a Fortune 500 company
10. Done errands for other people

What are some weird (or not so weird) jobs you've had?



  1. 1. Photographer at Six Flags
    2. Human Resources Intern at a forging company
    3. Grade school teacher
    4. Extra in a few TV series

  2. 1. Tree puller
    2. Weed puller and tree counter
    3. Cashier at Herbie's Drug Warehouse
    4. Seller of fine china
    5. Seller of housewares
    6. Resume developer
    7. Receptionist
    8. Editor and production manager for travel publications
    9. ELearning software developer
    10. Instructional designer

  3. 1. Working the deli counter at a grocery store - ugh!
    2. Babysitter
    3. Administrative Assistant
    4. English Teacher and Spec Ed Aide
    5. Waitress/hostess
    6. Coffee shop "barista"
    7. Temp Extraordinaire
    8. Professional House/Dog sitter

  4. 1. Scooped ice cream
    2. Sold hot dogs and refilled ketchup dispenser at a concert stadium
    3. Security at a concert stadium (yes, all 5’1” of me)
    4. Lumber sales
    5. Put price tags on clothes at a children’s clothing store
    6. Sold t-shirts at Bull & Finch aka Cheers
    7. Jack Daniels girl (c’mon Suzie, fess up!)
    8. Aerobics instructor/Personal trainer
    9. Goddess of all things domestic

  5. LD, I forgot about our stint as Jack Daniels Girls! (Oh, the irony.)

    But dude, lumber sales???

  6. Ok, if we are going for weird jobs, here are mine:

    -- Cook at a Mongolian restaurant (We only had those huge, long, wooden sticks to cook the food with on a 600° 7-foot grill.) And they still have a photo of me on their website:

    -- Cashier at Target

    -- NHL & NLL "Cheerleader"

    -- Theatre Camp Counselor

    -- Office & Mail Room manager in my freshman dorm

  7. cashier
    deli worker
    Herbalife distributor
    veterinary assistant

  8. LOL! Yes, you've have heard of tree planters, tree growers, and tree huggers...but tree pullers!? heehee...I was the lucky person that in the height of blackfly season, got to pull seedlings out of the ground and bundle them in preparation for replanting. The trees were always coniferous which meant my arms got picked to death by needles, resulting in huge rashes. To add insult to injury, I got paid by the number of trees pulled. :P

  9. Two strange (and totally unrelated) ones:
    - Portrait artist at Opryland
    - Accountant for auto services dept.


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