Thursday, February 12, 2009

Question of the Day #99

After hearing my friends complain about not knowing how to cook and groaning about always eating out and spending tons of money, I decided to start a new blog.

It's called Suzie Foods. Healthy Eating, Cheap and Easy.

I love to eat and I love to cook. I'm also a wee bit paranoid about what goes in my food. So who better to decide that than me? I've come up with tons of ways to eat fresh healthy foods and not spend a fortune doing it.

That's how I roll. So how do you eat? Do you cook? Order out? Eat on the run?



  1. I cook very frequently. It's what I do for fun. I love eating at restaurants soooo much but they make me fat. I never, ever eat on the run otherwise I'll eat too much - I need to focus on eating. My latest favorite ingredient is edamame. YUM.

  2. I cook, but mostly in my crock-pot. :)

  3. I love to cook - I try to prepare good meals even on busy weeknights - but weekends are my time to shine in the kitchen! I'm not a big fan of nutritionism: science needs to step away from food. Michael Pollan's mantra "Eat Food. Not too much. Mostly plants." is one I try to follow. This summer I'm looking forward to growing and preserving my own food, as well as connecting with local farmers who are into sustainable farming. ...and I've just started baking my own bread too. mmmmmm! I also believe in taking your time when you eat, enjoy the moment and those around you.


  4. I don't really like to cook but I have to keep two small people alive so I do it. It shows that I don't really like it. Or perhaps I don't really like it because I'm not very good at it. Maybe I'd be better if I didn't have those little people yelling at me and opening the fridge every two minutes. Who knows. I love to eat out but don't do it as much these days. Any suggestions on how to cook a chicken breast for the cooking impaired?

  5. I cook every day. We don't eat out much anymore since money is tight, but we do enjoy to do that once in a while, too.

    My favorite is to cook with garden-fresh food grown in the summer from my parent's garden. :)

    Food can be such a good way to share love and health with those you love.

    I'll have to check out your blog. Cool!

  6. Sudabaki - I will most definitely explain how to cook a chicken breast for the cooking impaired at Stay tuned!


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