Sunday, March 27, 2011

Question of the Day #880

Earplugs? Check.

Sneakers? Check.

Puffy jacket? Check.

Willingness to try something I've never thought of doing before? Check.

H gave me and D tickets to NASCAR today. We figured, "Why not check it out?"

When have you done something you never thought you'd do?



  1. Coincidentally, H took ME to NASCAR last year and THAT was something I never thought I'd do...but, I was pleasantly surprised that it was SO FUN and I had a BLAST!

    Also, as a Mom I'm constantly doing and saying things that leave me thinking..."Wow, I NEVER thought I'd do/say that. Just today I found myself saying "Honey, don't you dare shoot your cousin! Put down that crossbow!" (my sweet daughter, the only girl in the family with 8 boy cousins).

  2. This weekend -- I'm going camping in a rustic cabin around 45 miles away from ANYTHING! It's close to Glacier NP and the grizzlies are just starting to emerge. God help me ...

  3. You'll like it. Fontana is awesome. I went when it was really hot, lots of fun. Country bars, now NASCAR, next a visit to Nashville.


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