Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Question of the Day #869

If you could have any kind of grilled cheese sandwich, what would you order? You can choose your bread, type of cheese, add some veggies or meat - whatever. This is your grilled cheese dream sandwich.

How would you build it?



  1. Grilled tuna salad and american cheese on rye.

  2. I love grilled cheese. I mix it up though. I usually eat one every two weeks as my son has a cheese sandwich for lunch almost every day.
    I like to have either swiss on rye or cheddar and swiss mixed on wheat. YUM! I will have a corned beef and swiss on rye tomorrow though!

  3. Tillamook cheddar on whole grain/whole wheat/or oat bread is my usual go-to ... but, once, at a little restaurant I had a spectacular one that included a slice of pear in it ... I remember it being SO yummy!

  4. Apply thin layer of butter on one side of White Wonder bread
    Add Cheese - any cheese will do
    add a layer or two of black forest ham
    add mustard
    fry on pan until golden brown (covered w lid)

  5. Dude. Any kind of crusty bread w/ gorgonzola & figs - heated in a panini press. Mmmm....

  6. Light wheat bread and 2 slices of american cheese. Spread butter on outside of bread for nice browning on each side, cover with lid to promote steaming and melting of cheese. Old school style!

  7. Seeded rye bread, Vermont cheddar cheese and sliced tomatoes with a side cup of roasted tomato soup.

  8. Sliced white bread and processed cheese slices.

  9. some kind of delicious bread with MUENSTER cheese (buttered on both sides and grilled) with tomato soup! Love it. My mom also used to include "Miracle Whip" as a dipping side, but I think I've outgrown that. I love the creamy, melty goodness of muenster.

  10. sourdough bread, aged sharp cheddar, olive oil, sea salt and an heirloom tomato, sliced thin.


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