Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Question of the Day #862

"M's dad is really tall and he's got big feet too. Size 15's, just like me," said T.

"You know what they say about big feet," I said.

"Yeah, big socks." T grinned.

"Interesting that she choose a big guy like you, when her dad is a big guy too," I said.

"I think a lot of people do that," H said. "My dad is really laid back and easy going. Most of the guys I've dated have a similar personality."

"And M is a lot like my mom," T said. "She's very independent, smart and loyal."

"So, you think a lot of people are attracted to their parents' traits?" I asked.

"Well, they say that women look for their father's qualities and men look for their mother's," H said.

"That certainly explains my ex," I said.

"Completely," H said.

What about you? Have you been attracted to qualities in a spouse that you were already familiar with via a parent?



  1. my spouse does not resemble my parents traits. Thank god.

  2. Not really--and I've been married 33 years (to the same person).

  3. In some ways--they're both workaholics, both good with money, both savers, both have good sense of humor.

  4. My dad and my husband aren't too similar, but they both have a great sense of humor, which is really important to me.

  5. I actually took the opposite route and actively sought out partners that were opposite my parents. I don't want to live the life my parents did and was very conscious of that. If you like being around your parents then yes it is likely that you'd seek out a partner with similar qualities but for me unfortunately that was not the situation. I have the best husband in the world! :-)

  6. The last guy I dated did remind me of my father a bit. Successful businessman, real laid back, heavy drinker. It wasn't intentional, of course, but I noticed those things after I fell for him. He was very different from my father in the sense that he was more overt and expressive about his love. A serious romantic.

  7. Not really. My mom was pretty irresponsible and Rick is just the opposite. Not sure about my dad though, since he died when I was a baby.

  8. My mom was really bossy and my dad was a creampuff. I kind of take after my mom and knew I wanted someone I who could stand up to me. That's what I got, and we have a much better balance between us.


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