Monday, March 14, 2011

Question of the Day #867

I may be crazy, but this whole springing forward thing has messed me up. As much as I want it to be lighter later, (And oh, how I want that!) I could not settle down last night. My body had no idea what time it was.

I ate dinner at 9:30 PM. (I usually eat around 6:00.) I went to bed at 1:06 AM. Last week, I fell asleep during the first half of American Idol. Staying up until 10:00 PM is late for me. But last night at 1:06 AM, I was wide eyed and fidgety.

And this morning I feel groggy and tired. Like I partied all night.

Is it just me? Is anyone else thrown by springing forward?



  1. I'm the exact opposite. I adjust to different time zones and to daylight saving time immediately. by the time I woke up on Sunday I was already adjusted.

  2. With all the time zone changes I endure thru all my travels, daylight savings time is nothing. But with that said, I had to force myself out of bed this morning because it was so dark out again! No fun!!

  3. I'm definitely thrown off by DST. Was up too late last night, got up too early this morning, too restless to nap this afternoon...It takes me a few days to get my rhythms back under control.

  4. Plz! What time is it? NOW!

  5. It's 11:06. But it's really 10:06. The whole time thing gorks me out. I've claimed for years that the first person who runs for President and promises to get rid of Daylight Savings Time will win in a landslide. Enough already.

  6. Always throws me--the tough part here is getting out of bed when it's still so dark out.

  7. I don't like springing forward. I like it the other way around. In MT, it stays light really long in the summer. In July, it's light until almost 11pm. I'll never get used to that.

  8. I hate springing forward. I lived in Arizona for seven years and they don't change time there. I wish we could all just stop messing with the time and accept it for what it is.


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