Thursday, March 24, 2011

Question of the Day #877

The woman I'm consulting for talks to herself. So do I. Picture a conference room where the two of us chatter to ourselves, not listening to each other. Just chattering.

It probably looks really weird.

And it probably looks even weirder when I'm alone. I talk to myself in the car, at home, grocery shopping and during walks. When I walk by their windows, people probably think, "There goes that crazy girl again."

It's ridiculous, but it's me. And I won't go changin'.

What about you? Do you talk to yourself?



  1. haha, I find your self-talk refreshing! Obviously I talk to myself silently all the time, but on occasionally I'll vocalize it. Just depends on the mood, situation, and how much I need to "hear" what I'm saying.

    I don't believe in the saying that "only crazy people talk to themselves out loud." Well, maybe GOOD crazy people do too. What's there to hide anyway? There will be no secrets in the coming Age of Aquarius!

  2. All the time... at my the home...everywhere.

  3. My family laughs at me because I argue with myself :)

  4. All the women in my family do/did. My grandmother, my mother, me and my sister. We work out problems, possible conversations...It's probably more common than we think.

  5. Absolutely! I talk when I write so I can "hear" how the words and sentences sound. I have conversations with myself and rehearse what I could/should say to others. And sometimes I even talk to my dog, who's a wonderful conversationalist.

  6. Sometimes, but I'm more likely to be singing to myself in public. Oh, especially in the car.


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