Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Question of the Day #875

This afternoon, I'm going to facilitate a Customer Service training for the company at which I'm consulting. So this morning, I'm checking off my list of audio clips, video clips, prizes, jump drives, PowerPoints and everything else I'll need.

I just caught myself wondering if I'd be nervous. Because this is a new company and a business far from what I'm used to training to, will I get last minute jitters?

Public speaking rarely spooks my nerves. I'll speak my mind anywhere, anytime. Give me a platform, I'll stand on it. Speech giving is a snap (although much easier than than training with visual and audio aids and orchestrating exercises). And I can deliver an excellent eulogy. (Morbid, but true.)

But for some people, talking in front of a group is as intimidating as getting up to bat at a baseball game would be for me.

What about you? How do you feel about public speaking?



  1. Ugh. I can't STAND public speaking. I completely admire anyone who can get up in front of people and speak, especially those who are really good at it!

  2. Number one fear, before death, skydiving, taxes and everything else

  3. I LOVE public speaking! I thrive on it! It kind of feels like "you will all listen to me now!" It's very liberating.

  4. Not too good at public speaking. I don't formulate my thoughts all that fast and can't even read my own stuff without stumbling.

  5. I haven't done it in ages, but it's not my favorite thing to do. Had a huge phobia of it in high school, but I managed to overcome that a bit later on.

  6. It depends on the subject and the audience! :-)

  7. Love public speaking. Wish I could do it more.

  8. I get super nervous beforehand but once I start I love it!

  9. I do have one eulogy under my belt. Otherwise I hate any type of public speaking or performing. I have a fear of people looking at me.
    I would probably do okay on the radio, or recording for the blind.


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