Friday, March 11, 2011

Question of the Day #864

5:41 AM: Phone rings. T's name (my dedicated letter writer from yesterday's post) appears on my phone.

"What is wrong with that girl? After 17 years, doesn't she know there's a time change?" I think. I send her to voicemail. Then I roll over.

5:47 AM: Phone rings again. My mother's name appears. I send her to voicemail.

"What's wrong with everyone?" I think.

Then I bolt up.

My immediate thought: Terrorist Attack.

I call my mother back. She describes the earthquake in Japan and California's tsunami warnings. Sadly, I am somewhat relieved.

When have you felt relief in the face of disaster?



  1. After Hurricane Hugo (1989) there was no contact for three days. Then I got a call from a friend who'd finally found a working pay phone (and stood in line for a loooooooooong time)who told me my Mom and sister and the house were fine. I was pretty frantic those three days and so relieved after the call.

  2. I almost texted you at 4am ... my time!

    I don't think I have an answer to the question. If I sense danger, I turn into Lisa D the overreacting maniac!

  3. This morning when I heard someone's voice.

  4. When my friend suddenly disappeared after being stalked by a co-worker. She felt she needed to go away for her safety. She told me she was leaving town and it was a month before I heard from her again. It was such a relief to get that first letter from here.

  5. Still thinking about an answer, but lucky (for you) I don't have your phone number or I'd have been texting too! Water travelling at 500mph is pretty scary, and nobody had a clear handle on what was to come.

  6. September 11th - finally hearing from each of the people we temporarily couldn't find. Each phone call was a small triumph in the middle of such a disaster. After all these years, it still feels like it happened just yesterday.
    I felt the same way yesterday waiting to hear from all my colleagues in Japan who thankfully are all accounted for. Stay safe, Suzi. No beach for you today.

  7. Knowing family was accounted for after 9/11.

    Also, hearing from friends and family that they were safe when we went through the icestorm in '98.

  8. A few years ago when a tornado hit our area--Mr. went to check on his business and we watched the TV knowing he was driving into the path of the storm. As it turned out, he was safe, the tornado literally took out the building ACROSS THE STREET from his place.


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