Monday, March 7, 2011

Question of the Day #860

Last night I dreamed I couldn't find a prom dress. I wanted to wear a pink prom dress with white platform heels. But my mom borrowed the dress and she couldn't remember where she put it. I searched and searched through closets of dresses.

The pink one was nowhere to be found.

But I did have the heels. All chunky white patent leather with a silver buckle. (Um, so not my style.)

So I decided to go to the prom in my pajamas, in my heels, because I really wanted to get my tiara. I mean, after all, who wouldn't want a tiara, right?

Turns out the pink dress I was looking for is in my closet. (Thankfully, the shoes are not.) Now I just need an occasion to wear it.

Have you had any vivid dreams lately?



  1. There was this one, about a vampire, that sparkles...oh sorry, not my dream.
    I've been sick with the flu all weekend and had some dreams...but I don't remember them at all. Which is too bad, because really, it could be sparkly-vamp worthy...

  2. Nightmares about moving lately. I like your prom dress dream better. Thanks for making me smile! : )

  3. I have vivid dreams every single night. To the point I often wonder if something really happened or was just a dream. Usually good ones, just really weird and random.

  4. LOL! Dreams are so weird. Sometimes it's obvious where they stemmed from and sometimes, wow. No idea.

  5. A very vivid dream about my grandfather and grandmother who raised me. We lived in a tropical island and my grandfather was at war, but everyday he would come home from the battlefield and have dinner with us, which was strange. Now my grandfather was a Marine for 22 years and was in WWII and Korea, we have vacationed in Hawaii. I did watch a show on the history channel on WWII and had talked to my grandfather earlier in the day so I think that had a lot to do with it.

  6. Last night in my dream I was standing at a sink, next to my aunt and we were brushing our teeth with a toothpaste the same green color as army fatigues. I woke up and I was actually drooling on my pillow and it made me laugh!

  7. Ha! I just posted my last vivid dream! What a funny coincidence!

  8. LOL @ the shoes. I had a pretty vivid dream last night that this enormous face of Jesus appeared from the clouds. Odd, especially since I usually dream about bears.


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