Thursday, January 28, 2010

Question of the Day #449

This morning, one of my friends posted an article on Facebook about a group of Bostonians who are going on a pub crawl wearing Snuggies.

Which reminded me of the time my friends and I went to Cafe 50's to enjoy the "Half Off if You Wear Your Jammies" promotion.

What's the weirdest outfit you've ever left the house in?



  1. I went to a Halloween party dressed as a female prostitute when I was 17: heels, tights, slutty dress, fake boobs bra, wig, and makeup. I wouldn't consider it "in public" because it was a private party and a friend drove me there.

    Unfortunately the party got broken up by the police. I couldn't find my ride and ended up having to bus it from Pacoima to Reseda at 1:00am. The bus ride itself was fine, but the 45 minutes waiting at the bus stop in Pacoima was probably the most uncomfortable 45 minutes of my life.

  2. Well, my kids refused to be seen with me on New Year's Eve when I wore a ski suit (I actually was on the ski slopes, so this part was normal) and a sequinned silver baseball cap. I was blinding from every angle.

  3. That is hilarious! I'd rather go in my pj's than the snuggie though... What a cute bunch in the pj's!
    I remember dressing up as Paul Stanley as Kiss for a lip sync contest and going to bars before hand (and it was not around Halloween). I was a little embarrassed but it was fun!

  4. Too funny. For me ... I think it was going as Baby New Year to a Halloween party!

  5. The first play that my friend and I went to as part of our subscription to the English Theatre at the National Arts Centre happened to fall on Halloween. We thought "Great! We'll dress up as traditional theatre goers."

    So we got decked out in old bridesmaids dresses, put white powder on our faces, did our hair up, had feather masks. We were a sight...especially when we got to the theatre and not another soul was dressed up. Some people were kind in their compliments, others made comments about "Cirque de Soliel freaks".

  6. Does Halloween count?

    On Mondays in college we used to have "Spice Girls Monday" and we'd pretend to be whatever Spice Girl you were at Monday Night Football. Good lord.

    I wish there was a bar crawl in my Snuggie... that'd be the best day of my life. Although I'd probably trip over it as I do all the time sober.

  7. Thomas' story is just too funny.


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