Sunday, January 3, 2010

Question of the Day #424

This question is brought to you by the fabulous EMoney.

Osama Bin Laden, the U.S. Banking System, Bernie Madoff and other terribly evil people aside, here's my list of the people who ruined this last decade:

1. Kanye West. Anyone who disses Taylor Swift is no friend of mine
2. (I'm borrowing this one.) The inventor of The Snuggie. As if Americans need another excuse to look lazy or stupid
3. The people who voted to revoke the right to same sex marriage in California
4. Myself. Yes, it's true. I made some lousy decisions
5. All the people who shamefully neglected to care for Hurricane Katrina victims

Who ruined the decade for you?



  1. Glad you decided to run with this question :-)

    1. George W. Bush/Dick Cheney (you said no evil people, but I couldn't help it). No Presidential Cabinet has ever gotten away with so many illegal things.
    2. Rush Limbaugh. I don't care that he's conservative, but when you have a platform to spread as much hate as he does then you deserve a spot on the list.
    3. Eric Harris & Dylan Klebold. Aside from 9/11, the Columbine Massacre might be the most horrific event to happen on US soil in the past few decades.
    4. Barry Bonds. Even though he wasn't the only one on the juice, he did more damage to the Great American Pasttime than anyone with his "I'm a grown up and don't have to say anything I don't want to" cry baby attitude.
    5. Stephanie Meyer. Her "Twilight" books/movies have created an army of mindless females that think this crap is actually quality entertainment. My biggest fear though is that when Vampires and Werewolves DO take over the world, instead of screaming and running away from them all the girls will instead cry and beg them to take their shirts off. We're all doomed!

  2. My in-laws (with the exception of my father-in-law). Honestly. Horrible people.

  3. The decade has been pretty decent for me, so I don't really think that anyone "ruined" it. However, a few have tried I suppose:

    1) Conspiracy theorists. Seriously, do these people ever leave their houses?
    2) Anyone who denies climate change. WTF? Even if that's what they believe, do they really think that doing things to help clean up nature is ever bad?
    3) Greedy, self-absorbed people. Period.

  4. George W. Bush and company gave us a wasted decade in economic, environmental, educational, and humanitarian issues.

    On the plus side, it was great years of material for Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert.

  5. EMoney's 1 and 2, Simply V's 2 and 1 and
    politicians who are out for themselves instead of the good of the country.
    Good question.

  6. many great answers! I only have one to add:

    Paris Hilton. For symbolizing and glamorizing gluttony, self-righteousness, immorality and stupidity.

    Who knew I could be so mean?


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