Sunday, January 24, 2010

Question of the Day #445

B has a buddy named Bear. And Bear is his full name - not a nickname. It fits him, not because he's big and burly and has giant teeth or anything, he's just the kind of guy you want to hug.

I love Bear's cool name. What are some great unique names you've heard?



  1. Stella's music teacher's name is Mr. Noise. Nope, not a nickname.

    There is also a kindergarten teacher named Mrs. Meanie. Unfortunate.

    Oh, and she had a preschool teacher named Mrs. Orifice. Unfortunate
    x 2.

  2. Ha ha ha Lisa D. Hysterical.

    One of my friend's nicknames is Boner. Too bad.

    I have a friend we call Buck - what a great nickname.

  3. Oh and I know someone whose real first name is Knowledge. How awesome is that?

  4. At one summer job, N worked with a fellow who had the last name Cartledge, first name Richard. Unfortunately he chose to go by the shortened version, 'Dick'.

    Good grief!

  5. One of my friends named her son Chapel (Chap for short). I love it!

  6. Lisa D. wins!!!
    My friend's lawyer's name was Dick Short. (he was even on Letterman once)
    My son's name is Jack Danial! (but not after the whiskey, but now my husband stocks it in our bar...hmmmmm.)

  7. Oh my, being a teacher I hear endless "unique" names. Let's see, some of my favorites are Queen, Miracle, Messiah, Wonderland, Heaven and her little sister Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards), Prince, Passion, Pride, Justice... and to think, when I was little it was hard to find anything with Allison spelled correctly!

  8. My nephew's name is Camren, but his mom has always called him Bear too.


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