Thursday, January 21, 2010

Question of the Day #442

This question is brought to you by coffee and Grammilou. In her latest post, Grammilou says that she can't just lie awake at night. She has to get up and do something like read, knit or work a crossword puzzle.

Last night, while I lay in bed with my brain buzzing, unable to sleep, I should have gotten up to write. After all, Tally, my main character, was the one keeping me awake. But instead I hunkered under the covers and prayed for my brain to stop.

Next time, I'll write. What do you do when you can't sleep?



  1. I stay in bed, and try to force myself to sleep by shoving all thoughts out of my mind. If that doesn't work, I move to the sofa by our patio doors and look out at the darkness (sometimes a spectacularly starry sky) and within minutes, I'm nodding off. zzzzzz...

  2. I stay in bed too. Mind spins out of control. Look at the clock. Figure out how many hours of sleep I can possibly get if I fall asleep right at that moment. Flip around like a dying fish. Think of a great idea that I don't write down because it is far too cold to get a pen and the idea is so great there is no way I'll forget it in the morning anyway. Look at the clock. Cry because another hour has passed. Ugh.

    Doesn't happen much anymore. My cure - 3 kids. I now drop into bed.

  3. lisa d..."Flip around like a dying fish."

    LOL! LOL! :) I so love your answer!

  4. Get up and go sit in the Lazy-Boy in the family room -- it's like a drug free sleeping pill.

  5. Stay in bed all frustrated & such, or go in the office to get on the internet which is soooo the worst thing you can go because the light from the monitor wakes you up even more.


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