Monday, January 25, 2010

Question of the Day #446

My rommate gets Men's Health. The articles in which men attempt decipher how women think are fascinating (and about 50% on target). I used to subscribe to Garden Gate and Writers and Poets. But I haven't renewed any magazine subscriptions lately.

Do you subscribe to magazines? Why or why not? If so, which ones?



  1. My roommate gets Shape, O(prah), Runner's World and Yoga Journal. I've been reading that kind of stuff for so many years, I'm almost burned out on the how to get fit/eat right onslaught.

    I don't subscribe, but two publications I admire are The Economist and Light of Consciousness.

  2. I used to subscribe to Instyle and Allure. LOve those magazines, but then I didn't have time for them and as a mom didn't have as much time to care about fashion and makeup...Then I subscribed to Parents.
    I do subscribe to Us Weekly for a fun quick read that I can put down and pick up at any time. Just pure brainless entertainment news.

  3. I subscribed to Vogue for one year because I realized that it didn't cost much more than just buying the one big fall issue. Now I don't subscribe to any, but my girls get Seventeen and Girls' Life.

  4. To save money we cut out our Parenting Mag, Sports Ill. and San Jose Mercury News mailings...

  5. I get
    Real Simple, which I'm letting run out because I'm starting to find there are a lot of pages of useless information. Not to mention tonight, I read an article basically implying that parabens are safe - gah.
    Style at Home, but they have switched editors, and I'm not liking the changes they've made - so I may nix that one too.
    Chirp, and Chickadee magazines for my daughter.

  6. Cosmo & Glamour, they help make the time on the Stairmaster, Elliptical, bike go by much faster!!

  7. Country Living, Country Home(got bought out by House and Gardens Ugh!) not renewing. Organic gardening(not renewing just doesn't do it for me)AARP (we get it anyway and you know it does have some good health articles but it is too much of a lobbyist for me). I am looking for something really good. Any ideas?

    I do lov cooking mags. Cuisine athome and Bon Appetit! are my favs. Looking forward to seeing Le saveur!!!

  8. I've never been a magazine person. I've tried but they just stack up. I don't even like reading them at the salon or the gym. Not sure why they are such a turn-off. Definitely in the minority on this one.

  9. I do not subscribe to any magazine - read them at the hair dresser's!!! My husband does - a business one and I pick out articles to read. I would prefer to buy a book.

  10. I don't, but my kids get Highlights.


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