Monday, January 4, 2010

Question of the Day #425

Okay, let's flip the last question and make it a positive. These are the people who made the last decade good for me:

1. H. I have no idea what I would have done, where I would have gone or how I would have entertained myself without her
2. Kate Schafer Testerman. My Literary Agent's support of my work is encouraging even when everything else is discouraging
3. My supercool critique group
4. I did. (I made some good decisions too)
5. (This is a thing, but whatevs) My career, for making it possible to attend a zillion writing conferences and workshops

Who made the decade for you?



  1. My two daughters - now 10 and 13 - because watching them grow and become the smart, kind, funny, talented, beautiful girls they are now was my decade.

    And Obama, who gives me hope for the next decade.

  2. Too many people to mention, so instead of a who, I'm going to answer with a what: writing. Silly answer, but writing made the last decade good for me. I lost myself in the '90s, and the '00s were a good chance to get reacquainted, for better and worse.

  3. My husband, my BFF... probably everyone I've met or been in contact with over the past decade because you've all affected me in some way or another. Maybe you've made me laugh, or maybe I've learned something from you, and if you put all those experiences together that is what made me what I am today. So thanks everyone. :-)

  4. Hmmm. I could say a lot of things. Like my husband, or my kids, or my agent, or my editor. Or my bestie, who doesn't laugh when I still want to go out dressed like a Spice Girl. But it's hard to choose between all of those people, so I think I'll choose zombies.

    Because zombies are awesome.

  5. 1) Anyone that I made a movie with over the last decade.
    2) Bell Belichick. In Bill We Trust.
    3) Theo Epstein/Terry Francona. The last decade with this duo completely negated the previous 8.5 decades.
    4) This is more of a "made that last YEAR great," but the ladies of Sonny McLean's. Certainly made 2009 a lot more tolerable. (We can throw Pat into the mix there too)

  6. Interesting. This exercise made me look at each year individually. So much has transpired. Height of career, mariage of a child,September 11, devistation on our home turf, illness, more illness, family sadness, family elation,slow death of a parent, stress of retirement, retirement, new beginings, new everything :) the ebb and flow of life.

  7. My family and friends :). Wishing you all the best for 2010, dear Suzanne!

  8. 一切與生俱來的天然贈品,時間最為寶貴..................................................

  9. Kids, husband and my hairdresser.


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