Saturday, January 9, 2010

Question of the Day #430

The pub has been rearranged. Booths are no longer booths. High top tables have replaced regular tables. And the spot for regulars is gone.

We used to sit at the table the Red Sox World Series trophy sat on when it visited Sonny McLeans in 2004. It's tall enough so Big Tom could do crossword puzzles there. Familiar enough so H and I could tell secrets over it. Small enough so we could pack a party in around it.

Last night, N, H and I sat where it used to be, but found that we felt far away from each other. So far that we began writing notes to each other.

H wrote to N: I like your jacket.

N replied: Thanks. I stole it.

I wrote: What do you think of DJ Roque's last pick?

H wrote: We need Carly Simon.

Then H said, "My handwriting is awful!"

"Mine too!" I said.

"I'm so used to typing and texting that it's like I forgot how to write things out!" She said.

"I feel the same way!" My handwriting was like hieroglyphics. I couldn't remember the last time I'd actually written anything down other than a shopping list. And a lot of times, I type those and print them out.

What common activity have you replaced by technology?



  1. No CD/DVD buying....Itunes, buying listening online...

  2. EVERYTHING. My career is in IT so....

    I don't write anything. I don't talk on the phone; I only text, email, and blog. I can't remember life before iPhones and Blackberries. And I would curl up & die without my GPS. Google and Facebook are the greatest things to ever happen to me. Even while skiing I video tape with my video camera sunglasses - I don't even come home and tell people about my weekend, I just post video and photos. And I like it this way. :-)

  3. I'm buying way less CDs and getting music from iTunes.


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