Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Question of the Day #426

All right, this one's a tuffy, but I'm going for it. Over the last decade, I've learned:

1. To spend less money more carefully
2. It's okay to walk away from something when it's not working
3. Good friends know when you don't want to talk and they're okay with it
4. The only way out is through
5. Once you extract yourself from the bad, the good will come

What have you learned from the past decade?



  1. That most often the thing you dislike most in the people you love is a reverse of the thing you like most about that person. My daughter cries too easily, but she also is extremely loving. Both are related to how emotional she is. It's helped me become more accepting of people in general.

  2. In this last decade I have learned:
    It is better to live with hope of success rather than fear of failure.
    I am a much stronger person than I ever gave myself credit for.
    How to be a mom.
    To reject the cult of nutritionism and get back to eating real foods.
    To be more considerate of how my decisions and actions impact the environment.
    Accountability is a dying value.

  3. This is tough.
    1. The past does not define today.
    2. Don't waste time with those who make you feel bad about yourself. No matter who they may be.
    3. The love of a child is the greatest gift on Earth.
    4. Once you're true to yourself, everything begins to fall into place.
    5. Tequila will always hurt the next day.

  4. - Do the right thing. We all know what is right and wrong.
    - It is never too late. To start a family, change careers, etc. 60-80 years on this earth is plenty of time.

  5. 1. That I was meant to be a Mom
    2. What's like to be truly in love
    3. That you WILL get through even the darkest of days.
    4. That I'm stronger than I ever thought I could be.
    5. How to forgive...myself & others
    6. The importance of letting those in your life know how you feel about them.

  6. You can't fix stupid. You can tell some people why they shouldn't jump off a cliff but they will do it anyway. So let them.

  7. In the last decade I have learned:
    1. I am not always right. And it's OK to let other people be right and admit when I'm wrong.
    2. It feels good to do things that are in line with your personal values, instead of just what other people or your job wants you to do.
    3. Being vulnerable is scary, but helps you reap the most reward. You don't get the awsome rewards without a little risk or insecurity. Go for it!
    4. Giving your heart to someone isn't scary if it's the right person. It's actually awesome.
    5. Just let stuff go. It's healthier to let it go than to harbor it inside. It's just not worth it.
    6. You can't fix everyone's problems. I have my own problems, you have yours. I can only deal with or fix my own.
    7. I love wine and martinis, and hangovers last longer and longer as the decade rolls on.


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