Saturday, January 2, 2010

Question of the Day #423

How do you feel about American Idol?



  1. Ugh...That and Dancing with The Stars - I try to never watch either one.

  2. It's such a joke! They don't even let everyone waiting to audition sing.

  3. I like it...Great talent however the process works or doesn't work. Kelly Clarkson, Kerry Underwood, David Cook, good stuff. Some of them even have Grammys...

  4. One of the best shows every created in all of history. I love it because it's a happy & positive show and families watch it together. I hate Dancing with the Stars though...

  5. I love it. My daughter is an aspiring young singer and we watch it together and critique the performances. It's actually quite helpful as a teaching tool for vocal performance - and fun too!

    I don't like the early episodes where they let through some bad singers just to make fools of them. Once upon a time I thought that a few bad singers slipped through, but now it's obvious that they are prescreened by the first round folks to go on to the judges as a joke. And they never know they are a joke, and I just find it sad. But I hate missing the early episodes, because I love seeing the people who do get through and being part of their joy and surprise.


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