Friday, January 22, 2010

Question of the Day #443

When I got my car washed a week or so ago, I marveled at the guys who stood inside the car wash, soaping up cars. Can you imagine working, soaked head to toe, all day long?

And now, the mail carrier just scrambled up to the house and dropped the mail in the box - during El Nino. That can't be fun.

Clearly I have an aversion to being wet all day. And your answers certainly don't need to be in the same vein, but what jobs are you really glad you don't have?



  1. Bet you're glad you got your car washed right before a week of nonstop rain!

    We love to watch Dirty Jobs with the kids. Pretty much every person he's ever profiled has a job I would NOT want. I think something like cleaning up after all the animals at the zoo would be unpleasant. I don't like cleaning up after humans either.

  2. Podiatrist...ick, Dentist...ew, The Guy dressed up like the Staue of Liberty on the side of the road spinning the "Get your taxes done here" sign...ugh, there are a billion more I could rattle off. I guess I'm a job-snob. But, I actually DID work at a car wash detailing cars and it was NOT fun especially when the Lambourghini (sp?) pulled up and, once inside, I could not find the door handle to get the hot GA July. It was funny...but not really.

  3. Working at the car wash rates pretty high. My brother worked at a carwash when we were in high school. One day we were driving down the street and were eating our taco bell lunch. My brother hated onions and had ordered his burrito without onions but they had put them on it anyway. As I was driving he started cursing about Taco Bell and tossed his burrito out the window and it smashed all over a parked car. The next day at the car wash guess who came in and guess who had to scrub that car. :) What goes around comes around.

  4. It's a very long list, here are my top picks:
    Waste disposal (god those trucks smell awful)
    Sump system cleaner (gack)
    Anyone who ever has to give a needle to anything
    Anyone who works with the general public (I did that long enough to make me hate it)
    Brain surgeon (the importance of being so precise would make me pass out)
    Window washer (my fear of heights alone - again I would pass out)
    Day care worker (the volume of that many kids all day would be killer - probably pass out) ;)

  5. ahhh, I meant septic system cleaner
    ...maybe I should list my own job for making me work too many hours.

  6. Elephant Proctologist. You just stare at a giant asshole all day.

    Which isn't too far off from most jobs I've ever had come to think of it.

    I bet it'd be interesting to be an elephant circumsizer too. The pay would be crap, but the tips would be huge (ba dum tss!).

  7. Ha! You people are funny!
    Let's see, any job at the dump and any job in the fishing industry.
    I have a thing with smells.

  8. I was a roofer in the central valley of CA for a 100 degree thanks

  9. I am really glad I don't have to stand outside in the freezing cold wearing a sign that says "Furniture Clearance.' (and believe it or not, I just said this exact thing to my son earlier today)


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