Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Question of the Day #448

Five random questions:

1. What are you wearing?
2. What project/task are you procrastinating over?
3. What's the last thing you ate?
4. Who is the last person you talked to?
5. Who is the last person you Facebooked?

Here are my answers:

1. Jammies
2. Tally's Story
3. Banana
4. B
5. Tuttie. I put a Happy Birthday wish on her wall

How about you?



  1. 1. Kahkis, blue t-shirt, black cardigan
    2. signing up for Financial Aid
    3. Girl Scout Carmel Delite before I popped in this gum to get control of myself.
    4. coworker, Steven
    5. commented on some family photos

  2. 1. Jeans and a black sweater (surprise, surprise)
    2. Making dinner
    3. Peanut butter Ritz Bits
    4. Asked Stella to pleeeeease stop whining.
    5. My friend Gulley. Wishing her little one a quick recovery.

  3. 1. Wine coloured tunic with grey dress pants, and two pairs of socks
    2. Finishing a storyboard
    3. Pizza
    4. My daughter
    5. My college friend Angie - to wish her well in her new job

  4. 1. Raspberry colored sweater & grey pants?
    2. Folding laundry
    3. PB&J sandwich
    4. My daughter
    5. My friend Christy - to wish her son a happy birthday.


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