Sunday, January 30, 2011

Question of the Day #824

Last night I attended a Chinese New Year Dinner. I learned that in Chinese, the number eight sounds like "FA," which means prosperity. So, to invite prosperity, our gracious hostess sat eight people to a table, where we ate eight courses of delicious Chinese food.

We enjoyed noodles, which symbolize longevity, and oranges because their seeds represent fertility and virility. And in a little Chinese takeout box, we were each given an envelope containing money culminating to numbers that when spoken in Cantonese means "Journey with Fortune." That money is meant for us to spend only when in need. And if it's not spent, that indicates a fortunate year.

Pretty cool stuff, huh?

What culture have you enjoyed learning about? Or what culture would you like to learn more about?



  1. Sounds like a really fun night!

    I enjoy learning about any culture. I find it fascinating, all of the different beliefs, rituals and foods.

  2. I interested in Tibet (before China invaded.) I wish I could have seen it as it was.

  3. Bet you heard Gong Xi Fa Cai wishes many times! That's wishing you happiness and prosperity :)) I'll surely wear something red to usher in the Chinese New year - that's wishes for luck. Very nice.

  4. Sounds like tons of fun!!
    I am obsessed with Asian culture, with a preference for Japanese and Chinese. The most interesting places I've ever traveled to are in Asia.

  5. I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the people and culture while living in Bahrain and Egypt for many years. And I would love to live among the Russians but alas, my adventure days are long gone.

  6. What a cool experience!
    I loved my summer in Egypt years ago--their lifestyle fascinated me and was so lovely. Watching the news these past few days breaks my heart. I hope they come out stronger for it, yet I feel wary.

  7. I tend to enjoy the watered-down versions of cultures, but I look at this as an unwillingness to get my hands dirty. I'd like to get to know Southern Pacific culture more thoroughly. And obviously, I'd love to go there! Who wouldn't?


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