Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Question of the Day #812

Last night, I came up with a great Question of the Day. I thought of writing it down, but I was in the middle of cleaning up the kitchen. So I assured myself that I would remember it and continued cleaning.

Of course, I now have no idea what the question was.

What do you always forget?



  1. Why I walked into a room.
    Where I left something... anything...everything.
    A person's name that I should know!
    Names of movies and books I just saw or read!
    The list goes on but I forget.

  2. Anything that isn't written on my to do list, or grocery list.

    I also have to keep my bills forefront and centre, or else I risk being late on the payment.

  3. my keys. paying my bills (oops), my homework... everything!

  4. Names of actors. Names of people in general. I'm awful with names!

  5. If I closed the garage door. Oh, and I bet if you came and cleaned my kitchen, your question would pop right back in your head!

  6. I always forget the obvious thing I was supposed to do--call someone back, make dinner, do laundry.

  7. I was at a self-checkout at the grocery store and apparently forgot to put one of the bags in the cart. No tomatoes, lettuce or bananas. The sad thing is that I've done this before.

  8. I forget everything if I haven't written it down. I'm the worst. I walk into a room and forget why I'm there. If I think of something while driving to work, I have completely forgotten it by the time I arrive at work. I always wonder if I forgot to turn the heat down or turn my hair iron off. What I don't forget is faces or names.


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