Thursday, January 6, 2011

Question of the Day #800

800 questions. That's a nice, big, even, round number.

Sooo, since 800 is on my mind, I ask, how would you fill in the blank: I wish I had 800 ___________?



  1. Congrats on 800! Yow!

    hundred dollar bills? :) Okay that's greedy, but I'll take it.
    800 more hours til I got a agent and/or book deal!

  2. Dollars. That's one month's tuition for my daughter's daycare.

    No wait! 800 Million Dollars would be cool too.

  3. I was going to say something about money too. How about for something different... I wish I had 800 hours in a day without needing sleep.

  4. Good one Susan - that's what I was going to say!! :-)

    So since money and time were both already wished for, I wish I had 800 more calories per day without gaining weight.

  5. Love all the answers! I'm going with 800 paid vacation days.

    Nice work Suzie C!

  6. I answer here if I have an instinctive answer to the question, and I instantly thought "dollars." Apparently that's what we all think, which is kind of funny. Esp since $800 isn't that much money in the big picture, but if it were just handed to you is lot of cash.

  7. 800 copies of my books. I'd love to be in a position to give them to kids who can't afford them.

  8. I like Lisa D's answer. Paid vacation days would be awesome! Or 800 free airline tickets to travel around the world.


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