Thursday, January 27, 2011

Question of the Day #821

Last summer, I noticed a tiny impatiens sprig poking out of the pavement in front of my house. I marveled at how it grew out of asphalt. And even though this summer was gray and cold, the tiny sprig grew branches and became a full sized plant.

A couple weeks ago, its leaves had turned crinkly and brown. As I tilted the watering can over the plant, I realized that it wasn't thirsty. Frost had bitten it.

But some of the leaves still shined green. And pink buds struggled to bloom. So I cut off all the dead stems, leaves and buds so that the plant could save its energy to feed the healthy parts.
What metaphors have you found in everyday life?



  1. A lovely metaphore! Let's see, I can relate my dog's shedding to the need to sweep my WIP clean of things like, "there was."

  2. You get what you give. Effort, rapport with people is key

  3. I don't know, but that looks beautiful now!

  4. Cut your losses and go forward.
    The best is yet to come:)

  5. I once blogged about my dying house plant and how it came back to life after my husband bought me a new one. It was like all it wanted was a mate and then it sprouted. Kind of like us writers need fellow writers to reach our full potential.

  6. My impatiens that popped up its own was under the shade of a front evergreen. Its potted relatives hanging nearby were dead for a month this fall before this brave little plant gave in to Chicago weather! I had (prior to this blog question) compared it in my mind to plot elements in fiction writing--sometimes the strongest pop up out of nowhere!


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