Thursday, January 13, 2011

Question of the Day #807

Last night, as I placed dinner on the table at my client's house, all the chairs sat empty. The kids and parents shouted from different rooms.

"Did you find him?"

"No! Did you?"

Ajax, the lizard, had gotten loose.

I giggled as I washed pots. A lizard on the loose made me think of the night at Mansfield when a possum snuck in the backdoor. As everyone slept, it roamed around knocking over plants and knick-knacks.

In the morning, a very brave M whacked the seething little monster out of the house with a broom. That was right before S found that the house invader had left her a gift in the bathtub.

Heh heh heh.

Has an animal ever been on the loose in your house?



  1. Oh, man! A possum loose!
    We've had two squirrels and three bats in the fireplace (thankfully they didn't get out of the fireplace and into the house), and a chickadee in the house which made my husband freak out. And I was like, "It's a BIRD!" I got it out. (but then again, he got the bats out ;)
    When I was little, our hermit crab escaped and was gone for three or four months and finally we found it in the basement still alive, but now fierce and mean!

  2. Gosh, so many times. Where to begin?

    One time the flue was left open in our fireplace and a racoon climbed down the chimney into our house.

    One time I forgot to close the top of my bunny's cage and he jumped out and ran around the house all day. When I came home from work it looked like we had been robbed as there were vases knocked over, papers shredded and strewn about, etc. But it was just my curious bunny exploring.

    At my husband's house growing up they couldn't find the pet snake. A week later he was located wrapped around a ficus tree in the living room.

    Great question. :-)

  3. My stepdaughter had two mice. We thought they were same sex. They were not. And they had babies. MANY babies. Babies that slipped through the cage and ran ALL OVER MY HOUSE. It took us weeks to catch them all, and I spent several days cleaning up mouse poop. She no longer has a pet mouse.

  4. Oh my, wild animals loose in the house? Had a crab in a mosquito net, had rats run over me as I slept, had a wild donkey snuffle in my face at night and gallop around the room when I woke up and screamed.

  5. Not once! Well, my 2 year old growls a lot.

  6. Bats in the attic, then again down the flu - family of raccoons in between the ceiling of the basement & the flooring of the main floor (that was a rehab project). Little sucker fell right out of the ceiling as we ripped it down.
    Two baby ducks once got caught in our chicken wire that went around the bottom of our backyard fence - we kept them for 2 days then released them in a pond under supervision of Wild Life preservation people.

  7. We've had several hamster escapes over the last few years. They are always tense, as we also have cats. We've always found the hamster, and I don't think the cats would attack it, but I don't ever want to find out.

  8. I've never had an animal loose, but while at friend's houses, there have been hamsters and rats loose. Once, at my aunt's (she owns a farm), she forgot to close her back door and her goat came wandering in the house!

  9. I think the only animal we've had loose in our house was a bird that flew in an open door. It kept flying into a mirror and killed itself before we could get it out. It was sad.


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