Thursday, December 30, 2010

Question of the Day #793

This morning, I woke up all out of sorts. My body, still on east coast time, thought it was late, when in fact, it was very early. Without any food in the house and a rumbling stomach, I got in the car and got some breakfast.

After all the rain, it's a bright and sunny So. Cal morning. So I continued driving and headed out to the coast. The water sparkled against the sand. Cliff walls popped against a rare clear blue sky. I turned up the radio and drove.

I made a mental to do list, sang, and marveled at how beautiful LA can be.

When you come back from a long trip, how do you re-acquaint yourself with your surroundings?



  1. I usually roll down to a favorite pizza place, order a slice & drink a few beers with friends - welcome back!

  2. Being born and reared in LA, coming home means going trail running in the Santa Monicas or heading out to Malibu. After that, drinks with friends - welcome back!

  3. San Diego is always such a pleasure to come home to, it's satisfaction enough just to get home safely. But I like to go down to the corner market next to my Apt. and grab a Green Flash (Imperial) I.P.A. sit down on my couch and chill.

  4. When I return home to NJ I eat stuff like pizza or my favorite burrito place. And I stay home and hang out with my animals. :-)

    Welcome back to Cali. We certainly miss you on the East Coast. :-(

  5. I just jump right back into the routine (whether my body likes it or not!). Glad you made it back safe and sound, amidst all the cancelled flights, etc.!

  6. I like to have at least a day to hang around the house, and just enjoy the familiarity of home. Then, going out to run errands, such as getting groceries, makes me feel like I'm back where I belong.

  7. Yikes, it's been far too long since I've had to reacquaint myself with my surroundings. But when I go back to my home town, the first thing I always do is drive past our old house, even though it's nowhere near any of my family's current residences.

  8. I hang out with my dog and cats. Um, and my hubby and kids!


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