Saturday, December 18, 2010

Question of the Day #781

It's holiday party season. People are booked up like libraries.

What holiday parties are on your calendar?



  1. We're skipping them this year.

  2. Both of my critique groups held our parties last week, and they were sooooo much fun. Good food and companions and creative gifts.
    I'm looking forward to a party at the home of a novelist I know. It's always a great time. And then there will be a warm, family gathering at the beach. So I'm booked!

  3. Family one with my stepsiblings tonight, brunch tomorrow with hubby's aunt and uncle, Christmas Eve with the inlaws, Christmas Day brunch here with my dad, stepmom and sis then afternoon at my moms. Then New Years Weekend big XMas bash with hubby's extended including an ugly christmas sweater contest.
    How bout you, Suz?

  4. OMG! We have had 5 parties! Great family fun coming! and then New Years' Eve!!!!
    I'll check in with you in January :)

  5. We had an ornament exchange on the 2nd and a cookie exchange on the 14th--my 20th year or so with some of the same ladies. Next up is Christmas day with the fam. That's it. We had planned a trip from the 8th through the 19th, so kept the calendar clear, but since we didn't go, I've been wishing for a few more fun outings on the calendar.

    I am new here, came via Life 101.

  6. I would have responded yesterday had I not been holiday partying. :)

    I've had my work party, and also hubby's this past week, kid's event yesterday, girlfriend gathering last night. Then it's going to be all about the family starting this week, over the next few weeks. fa la la la la, la la la la


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