Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Question of the Day #785

So while sitting at the kitchen island at my parents' house, my stepfather reads the New York Times online as I pull up The Question of the Day.

"Okay, what's The Question of the Day?" I ask.

"The Eternal Debate, of course," he replies.

"What Eternal Debate?" I spoon some cereal in my mouth.

"Write about how your family decorates a fresh Christmas tree and other people decorate artificial trees. Ask which is better."

"Wow. Were you thinking of that all night?" I ask.

"Nope. Just thought of it."

"I wish every morning was this easy," I replied.

So, do you prefer a fresh or imitation tree? Why?



  1. Nothing beats a real tree with its fresh pine scent, naturally beautiful shape, and for bringing the beauty of nature indoors. But it's been ten years or more since I put up a real tree. The imitation tree I have is ready when I am, already paid for, nicely shaped (as in perfect but unreal), and doesn't need water. It's less likely to catch on fire.

    This year, for unavoidable reasons, I have only a foot-tall, ten-dollar, Charlie Brown Christmas Tree (packaged and sold by that name) sitting on the coffee table. It will be my only tree. That my daughter's spine surgery went so well is the best gift I will receive this Christmas season and it fits beneath any tree, anywhere. Merry Christmas.

  2. I LOVE my fresh tree but every year, when I'm still finding pine needles in June, the pre-lit imitation trees looks more and more appealing.
    Merry, merry everybody!

  3. Fresh is my favorite, but we've been using a fake for the last few years, and I have to say, it is pretty cool to have the lights all built in. Plus, the kids set it up this year all by themselves.

  4. Fresh, of course. My grandmother got a small fake tree one year (It was all white no less), everyone hated it. We had so many presents you could hardly see the thing. From that point on we stuck with fresh trees.

  5. Fake tree is the only way to go and for several reasons:
    #1 - Why kill a perfectly good tree, just so you can have it in your home for a couple of weeks
    #2 - Real trees make a mess both loading it in & especially loading it out....did your plastic tree holding leak AGAIN this year.
    #3 - fake trees look better, fuller, healthier
    #4 - no allergies with the fake tree
    #5 - The fake tree can be stored year round & thus, no trip every year to get one - I mean who makes a automobile that is suitable to haul a fallen tree?
    #6 - Money - in the long run, you will spend less money on a Fake, than all the real ones.

  6. We had a real tree when I was a kid once. I'll never forget all those pine needles all over the floor. And it turned brown a week before Christmas. That's the big problem with me and real trees -- I like to have my tree up from right after T-giving all the way through New Years can't do that with a real tree. But there's NOTHING like the smell of a real pine tree in your house!

  7. Well, when we were first married we couldn't afford ANY tree. College students, new baby--you get the picture. I had a metal pole with four hooks on it to hang plants from. We decorated it the first year. The following year, we moved into a different apartment, and for the most part living right next to the dumpster was not a fun thing, but one day we looked out, and someone had put a four foot artificial tree still in the box right next to the dumpster. It was our tree for the next several years--even traveled overseas with us while we lived in the Marshall Islands! When we returned to the states, we splurged and got a real tree (as my family had ALWAYS done when I was growing up.) It was a mess, needles everywhere, water spilled, sap, and it smelled really bad--not like the typical pine tree smell, but like some sort of preservative they sprayed on it. We all got sick.

    So, that year, after Christmas was over, we bought a big artificial tree at Hobby Lobby when they went on sale 60% off. We've had artificial trees ever since, but often get some fresh greens to make the house smell good, because we DO love the pine scented air!

    How was that for a roundabout answer to a simple question? :P

  8. Whatever floats your boat, you know. I like real trees, but I've never found them practical, for many of the same reasons as Todd.

  9. Fresh tree - there's no comparison!!

  10. I love real trees but for budget reasons, have used my fake, pre-lit, $15 Walmart tree for the past few years. This year, with the growing child and the growing toy inventory, I decided to put the large fake tree on the front porch and a small, 3' real tree on my mantel. I LOVE it!!

  11. I prefer a fresh tree, especially the fun of going to a farm and chopping one down. But because of fire dangers and cost, we've resorted to an artificial tree instead. It's a good thing too because our tree is nearly 10' tall and there's no way we could afford one that big every year.

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